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 Raid awareness

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PostSubject: Raid awareness   Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:22 am

Heya guys.
Just wanted to make a short post about Lady D. Gotta say that most fights our healers rock, but last night i saw that alot died early in phase2.
Pretty sure this is down to ghosts, maybee something else, but was always a few healers down 1st.
So im guessing its problem of looking at raid ui and having enough awareness around ya, you cant just zone out to your bars and forget about ghosts, so dunno if some of you need to move your frames around so u can see bars and also have a look around you, we should of done that boss easy , yet time after time small mistakes lead to us wiping, ofc not just you guys but i noticed it alot so wanted to leave a post hopefully you can make some adjustments for next time.
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Raid awareness
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