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 Giraffen Ele/resto Shaman [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Giraffen Ele/resto Shaman [CLOSED]    Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:50 pm

Personal Information

Name: Rasmus
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Nationality: Danish
Playing times: When i feel like it. I do other stuff at random times, but in terms of raiding or other scheduled in-game stuff i will ofc make time for it np. Other than that, any day.

[u]Character Information

Realm: Darksorrow, horde
Name: GĂ­raffen.
Class: Shaman
Race: Orc
Spec: Ele/Resto. Can play both in case needed. Otherwise we can discuss whitch spec is prefered Smile
/played: 32 days on my shaman. but i have another 90 char and 3 other 85's. My rogue is highest on 158 days.
Proffesions: Inscribtion and herbalism. Herbalism probably to be changed.
About my armory. You can't count on my stats atm. Since i havn't been playing the past 3 mounths my stats are not for raiding. right now i have 11% hit now fx. lol. i am aware of all the correct theorycrafting, 15% hit etc so don't worry. Also i apologize on berforehand if im in pvp gear.
Alts: Cursinyoass (Warlock):
Currently my warlock is the only other lvl 90 char i have. It actually has it's stats cleared out since i didn't play on it since start of mop :p.
UI: There's not much to show. I'm not a fan of "fancy" addons, i like the wow interface as it is. But ofc i have DBM, Omen and recount installed.

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts

A bit outdated with the 0/0/0? :p. There's not much to be said rly with this new talentsystem. I change my spec and glyphs so that they fit the specefic fight we are on.
Example on spec: For a fight like "Elegon" i would use Earthgrap Totem for controlling adds. For a fight like "Imperial Vizier Zor'lok" i would use Windwalk totem to counter mindcontrolled ppl's movement impairing effects.
In terms of the 5.2 changes, im not sure if Elemental mastery beats Echo of the elements. I'm working on that.
Using Healing tid titem or Ancestrial guidance also depends on the fight.
Example on glyphs: For a fight like "The stone Guard" in msv, I would replace Glyph of Chain lightning with Glyph of Thunder, since i will only be hitting 2 targets, witch means that i won't benefit from the 2 extra targets and therefore all i will get it -10% dmg. At the same time Glyph of thunder will give me Thunderstorm more often, witch is effecient since spamming chain lightning is pretty mana consuming.

MY UI: As i wrote im not using any fancy addons. I use DBM for basic raid warnings, Omen for agro managing (not a big problem anymore), and recount to see where i can improve. Other than that what helps me the most is keeping it simple.

Technical Information:
I just bought a new laptop for work witch is amazing just overall. Rly nice. im not a big computer expert tbh but it's even better than my former pc, witch ran smoothly. as far as connection there's no problems either.

About my IRL Life
Well I'm Educating to become a Building construction architect, witch fits playing wow pretty good :p. Other than that i spend alot of time with my girlfriend and friends, which makes my playtime viable. (Again, on raiddays etc i will make time np). If something should cut me from playing it would be bigger events amongst family or school. Guess everyone needs to attend to something once in a while.
Other than that, i play golf and skate.

I just FC'd to horde with a friend, but b4 that (3 mounths ago) i was in a guild as alliance, named "Overload". We had a HUUUUGE problem with inactive and slacky ppl, whitch sadly made my time there pretty bad. I joined the guild right b4 MoP, got a coregrp spot instantly and became officer soon after. Other than that i played in a few other guilds as officer back in the days throughout TBC and WotLK and the beginning of cataclysm. I also played in vanilla, but i rarely count that since i was so much a kid back then it would make my mom laugh, how bad i was Very Happy.

My Progression
As to the huge attendance problem my guild had and the guild disbanding around christmas, my progress is stuck in 3 mounths ago. Sadly we only got 6/6 - 4/6 0/4. Not to sound like a dick, but we were 3 serious ppl carrying everything, deserving much more.

My WoW Goals?
Well mainly to have a great time, goes for all doesn't it? A friendly guild invironment and a stable progression with ppl who puts an efford into their game, that's where i belong.

Why This Class and Role?
Well tbh because it's the only char i have on my friends server and faction atm Razz. But that aside, I do think that shamans are an enjoyable class, with 3 viable specs to help the progression.

Why Revenant?
Well tbh, i went over wowprogress with darksorrow, and sadly found that most horde guilds are gone? i dno. But atleast i found you guys. I know that's not exactly what you would like to hear, but it is, never the less the truth. Although i do believe i would enjoy my time with you Smile

Recent Combatlogs:
No sadly i don't :/, it is 3 mounths since a played so i can't find anything up to date.

Contact info
In-game would be perfect. If im not online send and ingame mail that will probably be the fastest Smile.

Well. Thx for taking time to read this application. i hope you liked it, looking forward to hearing from you.

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PostSubject: Re: Giraffen Ele/resto Shaman [CLOSED]    Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:32 am

Ty for the application we will be back to u with an answer

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PostSubject: withdraw   Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:29 pm

I'm withdrawing the application. Sorry if i caused you any inconvenience.
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PostSubject: Re: Giraffen Ele/resto Shaman [CLOSED]    

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Giraffen Ele/resto Shaman [CLOSED]
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