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 Pandaren Monk healer.[ACCEPTED GRP2]

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PostSubject: Pandaren Monk healer.[ACCEPTED GRP2]   Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:47 pm

Hi my name is Magnus Wickman and here is some info on me.

Age: Im 21 years old.

From: I live in Sweden.

Personality: I am a nice guy that often gladly helps out in game.

Playtime: I play every day but not on my work time. It can be a lite werd work hours, some times.

I started to play world of warcraft during the burning crusade and got in to activ guild in wrath of the lich king but i was a deathknigth tank then.
After that i started with healing on my paladin in cataclysm.
And now monk healer as far as i can go. Smile

Character info.

Name: Millanna

Race / Class: Pandaren / Monk

Main-spec: Mistweaver

Of-spec: Windwalker

Proffesions: Skinning / Leatherworking


My alts:

Deathbring / Deathknigth / Dps / lvl 90
Miká / Paladin / Healer / lvl 90
Mikì / Druid / Tank / lvl 88
and four lvl 85's that i dont play so much

UI: I use healbot and Monktimers and DBM

Why this class and role: I think that monks are a lite complex but fun to play, and i love healing.

My Progression: I have resently whanted to start playing with a guild. I have only done Raid Finder so far in Panderia but i will wacth videos och read up.

My WoW Goals: I whant to play with others as a team, its fun to get far in raids.

About my IRL Life: I do a lot of stuff IRL but not all the time. I have started to collect swords as a hobby. I go to party some times with my friends. I play football with my friends when its summer.
I go and sking in the winter. And i work as an electrician, i dont have the same work hours all weeks.

Why Revenant?: I whant progress and i have heard that this guild is good and I think my brother have been in this guild a long time ago.

Technical Information: I have built my own computer and it runs like a kitty cat. And i have stable internet 100/100 line.

Contact info:

Skype Realityface1 Im almost allways online
Phone 072-309 40 45
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PostSubject: Re: Pandaren Monk healer.[ACCEPTED GRP2]   Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:59 pm

Sorry for the late answer, we'll discuss the application as soon as possible


Credits to Tazdingu
~When you roll a troll, you'll never reroll~
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Pandaren Monk healer.[ACCEPTED GRP2]
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