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 Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:27 pm

Personal Information

Tautvydas IRL/Sunius in-game.

I am 19 years old.



Playing times:
I play the game whenever I am free from doing anything else. I cannot specify the exact times, as they differ every day.

Character Information





Shadow is my main specialization. I have my secondary specialization as holy at the moment, but I haven’t played it during this expansion yet.

158 days.

When I leveled this character, Wrath of the Lich King was about to be released, and I thought it would be a good idea to get Inscription, since it was brand new. When MoP was released, I picked up tailoring, because mats for craftables are BoP and I wanted to get that gear as soon as possible to benefit from it during raids. Not many crafters would craft something for someone else first.


That will be a long list Smile.
Suniuss, my warrior.
Suniuz, my paladin.
Suniuzx, my death knight.
Sunex, my rogue.
Suniusz, my druid.
Suniuxz, my mage.
Suniux, my shaman.
Sunius@Zenedar, my warlock.


My Spec. Why? Gems & Glyphs
I play shadow because that is the only choice if I am to DPS as a priest. With Mists of Pandaria and talent trees gone, almost all talent choices stopped being significant. I chose From Darkness Comes Light and Divine Insight talents because I think they fit my gameplay style, and I chose Desperate Prayer because I think it is the most useful in raiding. Lastly, I variate between Cascade, Divine Star and Halo between every fight – in some fights, like Gara‘jal, cascade is really useful, while in others, like Feng the Acccursed, divine star healing really shines.

I use X-Perl unit frames because I like all the info they give me: percentage/health/mana of my target/focus/party/myself, prioritizing debuffs and looking nice in general. I use Bartender to keep my spell bars look tidy and assist in assigning keybinds. I use recount to check my performance and analyze what I could have done better. I use Prat as a chat addon to be able to copy it. I use MFClip with Quartz to optimize clipping and casting of Mind Flay, Mind Sear and other spells. Lastly, I use Deadly Boss Mods to assist me in raiding.

Technical Information
I own a machine with i5-2500k @ 4.3 GHz, GTX 560 Ti and an SSD for fast loading times.
I get anywhere between 35 to 60 fps in 25 man raids and stable 60 fps in 10 man raids. I have my fps capped at 60. My latency is around 30-50 ms.

About my IRL Life
My name is Tautvydas, I am 19 years old and I am studying computer science in Kaunas University of Technology. It is the second year of my studies in the university. I find the subjects of programming, algorithms and computing very attractive and this has been the main interest of my life for many years. I am determined to seek the career of a programmer and I am ready to keep learning and improving my knowledge whole my life in everyday improving and changing world of computing.

On October 25th-27th, 2011, I represented my university in ACM ICPC programming contest, which was held in Minsk, Belarus. Although my team didn’t manage to win anything, I gained invaluable experience. I am going to compete in the same contest next week again.

Since programming is my thing, I can say that the logic skills I have gained from it help me in playing World of Warcraft. I have studied the mathematical aspect of DPSing thoroughly with the help of SimulationCraft and I have optimized my character’s reforging, gemming and enchanting the best I can. I could say that I am an expert in determining how to do it. I even wrote a program that calculated how I should reforge my gear every time I get a new piece of it.

World of Warcraft has been my hobby for five years now, and I especially enjoy raiding and progressing. I am able to quickly adjust to new tactics, I always put the best effort in the job I am assigned to and I always finish what I start.

I am responsible, diligent and dutiful person, so I think I am a perfect candidate for joining your guild. I am ready to sacrifice as much time as you require for your guild and I will do everything what is in my abilities to make sure the raiding progress flourishes.

I’ve been in many guilds, the ones worth mentioning:
Eminence of Zenedar – I left because the raiding atmosphere was really poor;
SkyDrakes – it disbanded;
Role Models – it was a PvP guild, and I left when I realized it wasn’t for me;
Dehydrated – disbanded;
Omega – disbanded.
Breaking Bad – it is my current guild. According to me, the raiding progress is too slow – I experienced it fully during Dragon Soul and we didn’t manage to clear it on heroic difficulty. I feel that the same will happen in current tier, as the first symptoms are showing (people not turning up for raids, slacking on gearing up side, underperforming in raids).

My Progression
The burning crusade:
Tier 4: Karazhan, Gruul‘s Lair, Magtheridon‘s Lair: fully cleared before nerfs.
Tier 5: Serpentshrine Cavern: 4/6, Tempest Keep: 2/4, both before nerfs.
Tier 6: Mount Hyjal: 5/6 before nerfs, killed Archimonde after WotLK patch. Black Temple: 4/9 pre nerf, 8/9 after WotLK patch. Sunwell: Never stepped my foot in it.
Wrath of the Lich King:
Tier 7: Cleared everything except OS 25 man with 3 dragons (did 10 man) pre nerf.
Tier 8: Cleared normal modes pre nerfs.
Tier 9: Did only normal modes.
Tier 10: Cleared 11/12 HC when it was current content (though, the nerf buff would kick in).
Tier 11: Blackwing Descent: 1/6 Heroic, Bastion of Twilight: 1/4 heroic, Throne of the Four Winds: cleared normal.
Tier 12: Firelands: 1/7 heroic, normal cleared.
Tier 13: Dragon Soul: 6/8 Heroic. I killed Warmaster Blackhorn when the nerf buff was at 15%.
Mists of Pandaria
Tier 14: Mogu‘shan Vaults: I have killed 2 bosses so far.

My WoW Goals?
I like this game because of its atmosphere and variety of things one can do. I especially enjoy raiding and progressing – and my main goal is to have fun.

Why This Class and Role?
My original character back in the Burning Crusade was a warlock. Wrath of the Lich King expansion was going to be released soon and I thought I should reroll and I wanted to try healing out, so I leveled a priest. I had hit level 70 and few weeks later, Wrath of the Lich King had arrived. At first, I played as a holy priest. It’s ironic really – it was the spec I was going to start hating two years later. Soon into Wrath of the Lich King, I changed my main specialization to shadow.

As for the way I dps: Shadow priest has a pretty complex ability priority list. I try to follow it as well as I am able to. Here it is, from top to bottom, from the most prioritized to the lowest:
Devouring Plague with 3 shadow orbs.
Mind Blast
Shadow Word: Pain, if there are less than 10 targets.
Shadow Word: Death
Vampiric Touch, if there are less than 10 targets.
Mind Spike, if I have Surge of Darkness PROCed.
Mind Sear, if more than 4 or more targets are stacked.
Divine Star/Cascade/Halo.
Mind Flay.
Shadow Word: Pain, if moving.

Why Revenant?
I always to progress competitively in World of Warcraft raiding, however, my current guild does not allow that. Buzdugan notified me a yesterday that you were looking for a ranged DPS, so I thought it was a perfect chance for me.

Recent Combatlogs:
Unfortunately, I do not have any raid logs. I can make them, if needed, though.

My World of Warcraft history:
Because you said I was allowed to make my own template, I decided to add my World of Warcraft history, because I think it is relevant.

I started playing World of Warcraft back in 2007 June. The very first character I created was an undead warlock on Magtheridon server. I dinged 70 in late August and started PuGing. I was new to the game, and managed to gear up to full epic (back then it was considered 'gear REQ for pugging Karazhan') only in May, 2008. Month later I found myself in my first raiding guild (unfortunately I cannot recall the name), in which I cleared 4/6 SSC and 2/4 TK. However, early in July the guild broke up - people started going for vacation, and in the end we could not get a raid together. Once I was free again, I made an application to a promising guild called SkyDrakes. It was led by a Romanian guy who was studying law at the time. His name was Veeh. To my luck, I got accepted, and started attending raids. By the end of August my progress was 4/5 Hyjal and 4/5 Black Temple (We were working on the fifth boss, Gurtogg Bloodboil). However, I had to quit the guild for the school – I was fifteen at the time.

Anyway, I continued my journey through the World of Warcraft. Wrath of the Lich King expansion was going to be released soon and I thought I should reroll and I wanted to try healing out, so I leveled a priest. I had hit level 70 and few weeks later, Wrath of the Lich King had arrived. It was 13th November, 2008 when I started leveling to 80 on my priest (By the way - I leveled in holy spec, the spec I would start hating two years later). I had hit 80 in early December and I found a little 10 man raiding guild, which fitted my raiding schedule (weekends). However, when I was about to attend my first raid, my PC's motherboard burnt. I couldn't find replacement in the whole country, it just wasn't there, it was all sold out due to the Christmas season. I had to wait a month to replace it, whole without the internet.

When I have finally got my PC working, I realized that my realm was dead PvP wise – battlegrounds almost didn’t happen, and it was impossible to see an alliance anywhere (even Wintergrasp, so completing 'Slay them all' quest or getting the rank was very difficult). Eventually, Blizzard opened Free Character Migration option out of my realm. So I, with all my characters, migrated to Zenedar.

Once I migrated there, I joined a semi-casual guild, called Eminence. With them I killed Malygos and cleared Naxxramas. Few weeks later I left that guild – the atmosphere didn’t really suit me. It happened at mid-February. A month later, I finally managed to fix my time table so I could raid 2 nights a week. I went to realm forums to find out if any guilds were recruiting a priest. Guess who I found? SkyDrakes have migrated to Zenedar as well. After chatting with the guild master for a few minutes, explaining the situation, I have been invited back.

I have killed Sartharion with 2 drakes up, and we have been farming Naxxramas and Malygos weekly. However, the most impressive kill that I got – was Sartharion 10 man with 3 drakes up. We wiped 4 days 4 hours each until we could get him. Even though the dps was slow (since there were only 4 of them) after 13 minutes it was finally down. Even to this moment I think that it was the hardest encounter I have ever done in World of Warcraft, it was the last achievement to my first 310% mount – Plagued Proto Drake.

In April the Ulduar has come out. Until the start of June we tried killing bosses, however, it wasn’t very good. We managed to down 3 bosses – Flame Leviathan, Razorscale and Deconstructor. Then many people started going for holidays and in the end the Guild Master promoted one of the Officers, a holy paladin named Hirken to the new GM, and himself migrated to Darksorrow, to join a hardcore guild here, called ‘Yoh’. Hirken promoted me to officer and we tried reviving the guild, however, in the end, we started wiping in Naxxramas... That’s when the guild disbanded.

Meanwhile, Veeh (the old GM) was getting used to the new environment, and to his disappointment, he didn’t like the guild. He offered me and few other old members to migrate to Darksorrow, so start a new guild. I agreed. That’s how I ended up at Darksorrow, but it’s not the end of the story yet.

In next few weeks we found ourselves raiding Ulduar heavily, and all the keepers were going down. We had hardest time with Mimiron; however, we got him after few nights of wiping. Once we finally got to Yogg-Saron, problems started. If I remember correctly, we wiped on him for 2 weeks before we could get him, and once we got him, it was middle of July.

Next week I left for Vacation, and when I was back, the guild was disbanded. As far as I know, Veeh couldn’t be the guild master anymore because he had just become a lawyer and he didn’t have enough time to manage the whole guild. He promoted a new guild master, one of the officers, Cínos. However, he was not skilled enough (I guess), to keep the guild together, and it fell apart. Being in that guild was one of my peak times of World of Warcraft, I made many friends and I will never forget them.

When I saw the guild had disbanded, I saw no more point in playing. So I had quit World of Warcraft for around 1 month, until the middle of September. When I was back everyone were pugging Trial of the Crusader 10 man and the Gear Score was just starting. I did nothing special but clearing ToC 10 once a week and I also started leveling a new toon – my Death Knight, Suniuzx. That continued for a few months – since I didn’t have much time to play, the school had started. I had hit 80 just before 3.3 patch came by, and started gathering tanking and PvP gear. That was the point where my PvP experience had started.

At the start of January I leveled my rogue Sunex to 70 and I saw some guy advertising The Burning Crusade twinking guild. I thought: ‘what the hell, why not? I still don’t have anything else to do’. So it started. I started gearing my rogue rapidly and by the end of March I had some what good gear. However, it wasn’t as smooth as it sounded. A month or so after I joined, some people started to feel angry with me, because, according to them, I wasn’t active enough and all that I was doing, was ‘leeching gear’ off them. They thought that, even though I was online during the day, up to 5 PM, while most of them came online after 6 PM, so they never saw me online. Anyway, sometime later I got kicked out, because I went to a Sunwell Plateau on my own, with some other guildies. I did that because I could not attend a guild raid that week, and the guild master got very pissed at me, because I was the initiator and the leader of that group. It’s ironic, but a year later we became guildies with the very officer who kicked me, and we started doing arena together.

A week later I found few loyal members of the old twink guild and we created a new guild, called ‘Say the Magic Word’. Due to this and the fact that our realm doesn’t have many twinks, there wasn’t enough space for two guilds of the kind. And since most people liked me more, so the guild I was in, prevailed. In the start of April I made a video of me dueling people outside Orgrimmar, and two weeks later – a rated 2v2 level 70 arena video with my partner Failmastah.

In the beginning of season 8 I have also started PvPing on my Death Knight, I played 2v2 with a restoration druid, and we reached 2k rating. Unfortunately, I got bored very quickly, because most matches lasted very long and were very tiring, it wasn’t even interested. We peaked 2062 rating, and a week later I left my partner, because I could not handle playing that setup anymore.

Also at the start of April, I noticed a forum post made by a Death Knight named Valtiel; he was one of the officers in Omega. He was making an ICC 10 group with same people every week and he needed a shadow priest, so I volunteered. Three weeks later I have finally killed Arthas Menethil, The Lich King. However, Valtiel has stopped playing a month later, so we weren’t fast enough to finish the frost wyrm…

In the following 6 months I had leveled two alts – a mage and a shaman. For mage I decided to go arcane, I wanted to try out the only caster spec in game without any DoTs at all. I chose to be restoration for my shaman, and I think I did the right thing, because personally I like shaman healing more than priest one. Also, I had been going to weekly Waldrom’s (from Muffin Militia) Pugs of Icecrown Citadel 25 man. There I got my 25 man frost drake, the Icebound Frostwyrm Vanquisher.

Around in October, 2010, I made an application to a PvP guild, Role Models, and I got accepted. I decided to join it since cataclysm release was nigh, and the guild perks were about to be released. That meant a guy with a guild had an advantage over the one without.

Unfortunately, the way of PvP players didn’t fit me well, so I left the guild and made an application on a newly made PvE guild Dehydrated. I got accepted as well, and we started raiding. However, the progress was slow, the officers were slacking, and the guild fell apart in the next two weeks. Somehow I was promoted to guild master, and I tried reviving the guild by recruiting more players.

The second day of recruiting, I got a whisper from a guy named Kaon. It was the same death knight Valtiel, the officer of Omega. He offered me to merge with Omega, and since I only had 4 people at the time, a hunter, a rogue, a restoration shaman and myself, I decided it would be a wise move, so on February 26th, 2011, I joined Omega. To this day, it is the guild I have stayed the longest time, during which I was active, of my life.

Up until summer, we managed to get some progress, we had cleared all the normal modes and we had killed Magmaw and Halfus the Wyrmbreaker on heroic mode. However, once the summer started, a crisis rose with it. Half of the guild stopped playing, and instead of having full 25 man roster, we could barely put together a 10 man raiding team. Few weeks to release of Firelands, I got promoted to officer rank. I tried recruiting more people, but as many as I had recruited, the similar amount left the guild. The guild had been bleeding.

We managed to clear Firelands on normal mode and kill Shannox on heroic. Of course, due to people not attending raids and having such a small roster, we didn’t manage to kill anything else. I was also chosen to be the one to receive Dragonwrath, the legendary staff, but since we were very slow in progressing, I never got to finish it (got to the last phase, though).

When Dragon Soul was released, we were lucky to recruit some players with whom we managed to kill 6 bosses on normal mode. However, they quickly realized that the guild was bleeding, and they left.

Inevitably, it has all lead to destructive events: Omega officially fell apart. The guild leaders announced that they weren’t going to play anymore, and that Omega stops its activities for unspecified amount of time.

When Omega disbanded, I’ve tried applying to Revenant (as I do today), however, you had full roster, and in result, you could not accept me. I have then applied to another promising raiding guild – Breaking Bad. It is my current guild today and I’ve been in it since the new year of 2012 (with a 3 month summer raiding break).
When I joined then, they were attempting Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping on heroic mode. It was supposed to be the second boss to be killed on heroic mode in Dragon Soul raid instance. As we approached April, we had slowly progressed to Warmaster Blackhorn, and upon downing it, our progress stopped after slowing down for two months. We gave a few weeks trying to defeat Spine of Deathwing encounter, however, we were unable to do so. Raids stopped from happening, and instead of 3 raids a week, we could only get one raid a week going. That lasted until June, if I remember correctly – we decided to have a summer break until the new expansion.

A month ago I renewed my subscription looking forward to Mists of Pandaria – it was due to launch in 2 weeks. I couldn’t wait to progress in the new raids – after all, I haven’t raided properly for almost 6 months. The guild has recruited new people, and last week we had our first raid. It wasn’t going well at all: the new recruits weren’t really up to the task of showing up on time (or at all), or the task of performing properly for proper paced progression. Of course, old members are decent – but there are only 5 of them.

Yesterday, I received news from Buzdugan that you were in search of a ranged DPS, so I decided to give it a shot. That’s how I ended up applying to Revenant, hoping I could finally start raiding properly.

Contact info
You can whisper or mail me in game, or write here.
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PostSubject: Re: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:48 pm

Quote :
That will be a long list
Omg man that is hell of an application. Wellcome to Revenant, whisper any officer ingame for invite.

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PostSubject: Re: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:57 pm

Hey man. Thanks Smile. Is it okay if I join you on wednesday? I have already signed up for tomorrows' raid in Breaking Bad, it would be kind of not nice if I left this minute.
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PostSubject: Re: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:18 pm

no prob sure.

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PostSubject: Re: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:22 am

Why didnt I ever start writing a dictionary about my wow life
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PostSubject: Re: Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]   

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Sunius - Shadow Priest [ACCEPTED]
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