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 Kavyaan level 90 rogue [DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Kavyaan level 90 rogue [DECLINED]   Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:00 pm

Personal Information

Nationality: Dutch
Playing times: all day

Character Information

Realm: darksorrow
Class: Rogue
Race: Pandaren
Spec: ( depends on raid) combat and sub now
/played: 211 days
Proffesions: alch and herb
Alts: dont really have any tbh working on a hunter now (level 78)
UI: sorrt for the size but my resolution is 5976x1080... i use xperl, icehud and sexymap plus some other stat addons on my other screens
My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts

coombat and sub with 1-1-2-1-1-3 I like nightstalker for the extra move speed and the extra dmg on stealth abilities, deadly throw for those pesky bosses that have airphases, leeching poison to help the healers a bit by lowering the amount of healing i need, preperation for vanishing twice for extra dmg in sub and extra utiliti and dmg in combat. Prey on the week .. well the other talents in that tier are shit for pve tbh and anticipation well that was an easy choice for added ease of cp in raids
<Tell us how you feel your spec, glyphs, gems; why you choose them and how they fit your gamestyle.>

I gem and respec for 7.5 hit and expertise and after that everything goes into haste because this is my main stat. It gives me more energy regen and more attk speed, my main primary stat is ofc agility.
I prefer daggers over swords anyday since they allow me to play more specs for in case an assassination buff is made or something like that.

well i linked a pic of my ui for those with a zoom function or very good eyes xD I use xperl, sexymap, grid,recount, mapster, dbm, GTFO, and several other addons, i tend to use my rightmost screen for timers and dmg meters etc and my leftmost screen for bosstimers, chat and social addons

Technical Information

CPU I5 2500k @5,1 ghz
Gpu: hd 7970 in crossfire (2)
2x 60 gig corsair force gt ssd in raid 0 and 3 WD caviar blacks for storage
Ram : 16 gig 2133 mhz
All cooled with custom watercooling (DIY)

Internet: 100mbit aka boss internet Very Happy

About my IRL Life
I am a marketing consultant fow now I work mostly from home, Im looking to get back into hardcore raiding and getting the best gear possible.
I am currently single after a bad break-up earlier this year and the only nigh when I wont be gaming will be friday when I go out with friends, and the odd saturday if i go to the cinema.

Veni vidi vice ( skullcrusher) i left them after 3 or so years to try horde on defias brotherhood, Thats nice ( defias brotherhood) was with them because of IRL friends in the guild, I left when contact with said IRL friends died. From the Ashes ( darksorrow ) left because of Major drama between members ( i like making friends but i dont want personal drama in raids)

My Progression
In vanilla and TBC i did every dungeon when they came out and cleared all but sunwell, i then sold my account skipped most of wotlk and did Icc and the trial of the grand crusader there, in cata ive done everything but firelands and I did 4 bosses on hc in DS, at that point my guild sadly took a break and that left me kind of stranded.

My WoW Goals?
Be the best, whben i checked earlier this week I was the 2nd best geared rogue for the horde and that made me feel awesome. I want to be the best rogue I can possibly be. I want to be proud of my character and my guild

Why This Class and Role?
Rogues had a cool looking tier 2 back in the day and I wanted that tier 2... Kinda stuck with them since xD I love melee dps and I love the stealth and insane dmg part ( untill blizz nerfs us again xD)

Why Revenant?
I want to do major hardcore raiding and gaming in wow and I havent done that since TBC... I have the time and the money for it now, plus I am at the age that i can control my own life

I can be reached on or just ingame on my rogue or my hunter im levelling named rainbowcrash
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PostSubject: Re: Kavyaan level 90 rogue [DECLINED]   Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:10 pm

Hi there mate and ty for ur application. Atm we have allready two rogues in the guild so we are sorry but we gonna decline u. GL finding another guild.

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Kavyaan level 90 rogue [DECLINED]
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