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 I'll like to apply to the guild

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Druid Ta

PostSubject: I'll like to apply to the guild   Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:13 am

Hey, im a tanking druid.


Char name: Swaar

Class: Druid

Specc: Feral ( and resto, only in pvp)


Professionals: Alchemy (300 only, lvling it now but no mats at ah.) and JC, havnt began lvling it yet.


I would like to apply at Revanant because you are having good progress in ICC and the spam in trade chat made the guild look interesting.

I made a guild name <Psychic> but my friend invite to many nabs so it was a failing guild.. -.-

I have done in ICC 10 2 wings. or when we killed Professor he were at 500k hp left and some unluck hapened so we wiped. no one know what hapened.. so it was sad and it was with psychic.. and we had 1 pug healer and he left. then the whole raid was being destroyed.

I got 2 computers, a HP compac i use with WoW MMO gaming mouse and a roccat keyboard, made for gaming. Thats what i use when i raid. but usual i use my mac book pro. when its not hardcore gaming Wink

I can Raid everyday, and these days are maybe those who is absolutly best for me Smile

I can english. im not pro but i can 100% fine comunnicate with other peepz. I get 5 in english at school Smile

When some1 critisism me i listen to what they say and try to fix those things i do wrong so im doing everything the most as possible perfect Smile


Im a 15 years old. Male. And I play every much wow (ofen too much Razz ) and i have heard many times that im very mature for my age. Im taking wowgaming serius when i raid and im being angry if we wipe many time( if that ever gone hapend in this guild Razz) And im From Norway (Scandinavia), Oslo the capital city. I got pretty good grades at school so im not a nab/nuthead who isnt listening to tacts and those stuff when peoples are telling things. And i like to have things organised so things isnt just a mess. and use long time to samble a raid team and those stuff.

Now i think i dont have more to say. Smile

I hope u enjoyed reading my guild apply ;D
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PostSubject: Re: I'll like to apply to the guild   Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:33 am

No Armory link, no profs and worse no ICC 25 experience. I'm sorry but we're doing ICC25 HEROIC, that's out of your league atm.

Good luck finding a suitable guild though. Apply denied.
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I'll like to apply to the guild
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