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 Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]   Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:16 am

Personal Information
Name: Jonathan Eriksson
Age: 19 (born 1993)
Sex: Male
Nationality: Swedish
Playing times: I'm in school from 8:00 - 17:00 (most days we can go home earlier though).

Character Information
Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Crazinezz
Class: Priest
Race: Blood Elf
Spec: Main Holy - Off shadow
/played: 41 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes
Proffesions: Alchemy and Enchanting, going to level them up, when I get time and money to do so.
Alts: Hawstuff -
She currently is on the Alliance, but I'll most likely faction change her as well and level her up.
UI: It's an old screen from back in Cata, but it all still looks the same.
I've tried to use different kinds of bar addons but I never find one that I like, so it's still the default one, it gets the job done.

My Spec:

This is just a basic specc I use for 5-mans etc. but as you can see, I carry around a bunch of [Tome of the Clear Mind] in case I need to change something on the go.

Void Tendrils VS Psyfiend VS Dominate Mind.
When doing 5-mans I never feel like I have to use Dominate Mind so it's between Void Rendrils Psyfiend. But I think I prefer when they are rooted rather than when they run around in fear. It can often make something chaotic even more chaotic.

Body and Soul VS Angelic Feather VS Phantasm.
Phantasm, it could be used in PVE as well, but I feel like this one is made to be used in PVP.
Body and Soul sure could be good if I were playing Disc, but as I am not, I prefer Feathers.
Body and Soul is used when I cast PW:Shield on players, it's on a 6 sec CD, it increases the movement speed by 60% for 4 sec, plus it applys Weakened Soul.
Angelic Feathers can be put wherever or on whoever I like, it got 3 charges, 1 charge is on a 10 sec CD, it increases movement speed by 60% for 4 sec.
When I use spells to increase mine or others mobility, it's because I (or/and someone) need to move fast in a short time span. With feathers I can move 3 people by 60% for 4 sec in the span of 3 GCDs, with BaS It takes me 18 sec + GCD to do the same.

From Darkness, Comes Light VS Mindbender VS Power Word: Solace.
Power Word: Solace is plain DPS, no ty. From Darkness, Comes Light (Surge of Light) is really strong in 5-mans where I tend to use heal and flash heal a lot, not so much in bigger raid groups though. It is very likely that I swap it for Mindbender for raiding
so that I can return more mana instead, which is way more important specially during progression raiding.

Desperate Prayer VS Spectral Guise VS Angelic Bulwark.
Spectral Guise is another PVP spell IMO, even if there probably is time you can use it in PVE as well as the rest of the 'PVP Talents'.
Desperate Prayer heals me for 30% of my maximum health, Angelic Bulwark shield me for 20%. So if I choose Angelic Bulwark, I'll be shielded for 10% less HP than I gain from Desperate Prayer, and it requires me to be at 30% HP while I can use Prayer
whenever I feel like I need it. Desperate prayer is more flexible and heals for more.

Twist of Fate VS Power Infusion VS Divine Insight.
Twist of Fate requires my target to first be at risky low health, as a healer I prefer not having people low.
In 5-mans Divine Insight proc goes really well together with the Prayer of Mending glyph I use, and think about all the free healing I get! Free PoM together with the free FH talent!
For raiding I'd probably go with Power Infusion though, it' another mana saver as well as a 'panic cooldown'.

Cascade VS Divine Star VS Halo.
With Halo I need to spend more mana, the cooldown is greater as well as I need to make sure, people stand/get inside the damn spell.
So it comes down to Cascade or Divine Star, Divine Star still requires people to be organized and stand in a nice line to get the best out of it, Cascade I can just cast on a friendly target and I know it is for sure going to heal him and a few more.
Sure it's on a 10 sec longer cooldown than Divine Star, and cost twice as much, but I'd say it is worth it for it is an 'safe heal'.

For glyphs I use:
Glyph of Lightwell - Once I get people to click the damn thing, it's OP, so let's make it last longer shall we?
Glyph of Prayer of Mending - If it ain't on cooldown, It is probably my next spell to cast, I tend to use it a lot so to give it an extra boost is fine with me. Tanks usually are the ones to get it first.
Glyph of Holy Nova - It's decent, I use it for 5-mans in case I need to help AOE or heal a lot while moving (drains my mana quick tough), It'll be swaped out when raiding, most times.
Minor Glyphs are just for the lulz now days so I haven't really cared for them just yet.

DBM - This is a addon pretty much everyone uses, even if it ain't always helping or reliable, it is standard.
EasyZoomOut - Makes it so that I can zoom out way further.
ForteXorcist - Keeps track on major cooldowns, buffs and debuffs.
Grid - The raidframe I use, used to have Blizzard default one, but once I got used to Grid, it is so much better.
OmniCC - Another addon to keep track on cooldowns.
Prat - Chat, maybe not so important, but it makes my life a lot easier.
Recount - Damage meter. Most people probably know exactly what recount is.
Titan - The bar on the top of my screen, keeps track on less important but relevant information such as durability and position.

Technical Information:
My computer is soon to be 1 year old, it runs WoW smoothly. The Internet connection is a 'basic' one, nothing overkill nor is it a dial up modem.

About my IRL Life:
I'm a pretty laid back, chill and open guy from a small village, very very dedicated to what I'm doing. I often have no problem saying what I think, nor do I have a problem speaking English (My spelling may flaw).
I'm studying Game Design and Programming, my first year at the University, we get taught thinking 'outside the box' and how to
solve problems and overcome obstacles, this could be used when raiding. I'm also a quick learner and I've been playing games since early 200, competitive since 2007.
I've been Guild Master, Raider Leader Main healer and Class Leader at the same time in a, what I would call it, successful-all-IRL-friends-guild from late Firelands til early Dragonsoul.
If I would ever not be able to be on a raid, it's because something more important is in the way, school that is, but I can't see that comming any time soon.
If I would ever not show up when raid's about to start and you haven't heard from me in 5-10 min, I'm dead. I always let the raid leader know if I can't make it!

I have been in tons of guild due to the fact that I've been playing WoW since early-mid TBC but the main guilds, what happen to them, and why are:
<Voxnapartiet> Outland, TBC to WotLK - I used to play a mage, I was horrible at PVE, only enjoyed PVP and the guild was mostly IRLs and social.
Guild decided to try PVE, I got to join, did horrible, people hate me, get motivated to show them I can do what they do, but better!

<Press A Key To Continue> Outland, Mid ICC to late ICC patch - First 'real' guild I ever applied to, got in, still played mage, killed 7/12 normal, guild disband.

This is where I found love for PVE and the fellowship it brought.

<Name I've forgotten, whish I remembered> Outland, Late ICC to Cata - DPS became boring, rerolled holy priest, fell in love, downed LK normal, guild disband.

<├čoeka> Laughing Skull, Cata release to mid BWD patch - Wanted to try tank, rerolled blood DK, joined <├čoeka> (Voxnapartiet with new name), guild had enough tanks, to laze to level to character,
went DPS, top 2 every fight, dat feel, 3/6 Blackwing Descent, 1/4 The bastion of Twilight, 1/2 Throne of the Four Winds, take break from game.

<Levande Rollspel> Darksorrow, mid Firelands to late Firelands - Back on healer, clear full Firelands normal, Ragnaros mount drop, Guild Master takes it, guild disband, Guild Master sells his account, butthurt.

<Solace Demands> Darksorrow, late Firelands to early Dragonsoul - Creat guild with only IRL people, clear Firelands Normal, 1/7 HC, not easy to progress whit all-IRL-guild (limited amount of good people),
Dragonsoul patch, first week 4/8 (top 20 on server), next week 7/8 (top 40 on server), third week 7/8 again (not sure about position on server), people quit, guild disband, I quit game for 10 months.

And here we are, now I'm looking for a new guild! As you can see, I never really left a guild, all guilds I've played with have disbanded, even though we had fun and progressed in a decent speed.

My Progression:
Zul Gurub - Cleared in TBC
Onyxias Lair - Cleared in TBC
Molten Core - Cleared in TBC
Blackwing Lair - Cleared in TBC
Ahn'Qiraj Temple - Cleared in Cata
Naxxramas - Never cleared

Karazhan - Cleared in WotLK
Magtheridon's Lair - Cleared in WotLK
Gruul's Lair - Cleared in WotLK
Serpentshrine Cavern - Cleared in WotLK
Tempest Keep - Cleared in WotLK
Mount Hyjal - Cleared in WotLK
Black Temple - Cleared in WotLK
Sunwell - Cleared in WotLK

Naxxramas - Cleared in WotLK
Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared in WotLK
Eye of Eternity - Cleared in WotLK
Ulduar - Cleared in WotLK, 3-4 HMs pre-nerf, full HC clear@nerf
Onyxias Lair - Cleared in WotLK
Trial of the Crusader - Cleared in WotLK, 5/5 HC@nerf
Icecrown Citadel - Cleared in WotLK, 12/12 HC@nerf
Ruby Sanctum - Cleared in WotLK

Blackwing Descent - Cleared in Cata
The Bastion of the Twilight - Cleared in Cata
Throne of the Four Winds - Cleared in Cata
Firelands - Cleared in Cata, 1/7 HC
Dragonsoul - Cleared in Cata, 8/8 HC@nerf

My WoW Goals:
To actually clear content, HC, before my guild disband!
Clearing content is fun, and what I enjoy doing, would be nice to do it right for once.

Why This Class and Role:
I've tried DPS, Tank and Healer, the thing I love the most is the healing role by far! I quickly got bored with the other 2.
I used to play a Holy Paladin back in TBC, private server. Then I wen't for a Resto Shaman, also TBC and private server. When I first leveled a healer on retail, it was a Resto Druid during TBC through WotLK, it never got past level 60.
Priest was actually the last healing class I tried, but also the one I enjoyed the most, first it was PVP and I played disc all the way. I really loved the play style of a Disc priest but once I started to prefer PVE, I also started to prefer Holy.
By now I prefer Holy way over Disc, and I do enjoy the Disc play style or PVP at all. I just simply find Holy priest toolbox way more fun than any other class, role or specc, and Disc priest used to be so mainstream.

Why Revenant:
I need a guild who ain't giving their life up for the game, by that I mean a guild who ain't raiding 6 days per week, 12 hours per day.
But a guild who raid 3-4 days, not during 'party days' (Fridays and Saturdays), and when they raid, they are dedicated and focused!
So far, Revenant seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I've also been getting positive feedback about your guild and one of my IRL friends applied earlier, according to him, this is exactly what we are looking for.

Recent Combatlogs:
Haven't really cared for it so far, and I don't have anything that can back this up, but since I started playing serious I've always been pushing my limits to come out on top!
Most of the times, it has been successful as well, and I hope I can keep doing it, even if the healers in your guild probably is about as dedicated as I am, if not even more.

Contact info:
My skype username is: Joneri34
Or my E-mail (also real-ID):

I should be online on my main "Crazinezz" most of the times.
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PostSubject: Re: Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]   Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:18 am

Very nice application. We will get back to you with an answer soon.


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PostSubject: Re: Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]   Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:54 pm

Thank you Smile
There is one thing I'd like to add, my armory seems to be a little bit outdated, my gear has improved significantly, from 446 iLVL (which it shows now) to 559.

EDIT 16:00 = It has now been updated to my current gear Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]   Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:20 pm

Accepted on trial. Whisper me or any other officer for invite.


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PostSubject: Re: Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]   

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Crazinezz Crazy Apply! Holy Priest (Szarqas friend) [ACCEPTED]
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