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 Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]   Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:38 pm

Hello there, I am a friendly, on-time priest with some cool social skills :3 yeaaah. Ok, here i go Wink

Personal Information
Name: Antonia /toni Razz
Age: 17 x) still
Sex: chick
Nationality: bulgarian
Playing times: whenever needed, i dont have any special occupation stopping me x)

Character Information
Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Fatalgoddess
Class: Priest
Race: Blood elf
Spec: Discipline
/played: 25 days
Proffesions: JC, Alchemy, but I also have enchanting, mining, herbalism and skinning Razz
Alts: Elyss
UI: should i put a pic of it here or something? i can later if you want me to Smile

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts
31,8,2 Disc is an amazing spec, ive made a lovely tree cuz its real comfy and works for anything, my glyphs are what any other priest would use i mean prayer of healing, power word shield and glyph of penance, its the best choice imo (the other ones are a bit more optional but i like them) gems are as much as i can 50 int, ofc i gem for the bonus aiming mastery/int Smile Mastery is awesome cause i raidheal a lot witih Prayer of healing and bubles get all cool (they can be up to 66-70k absorbing at some point) xD
Umm, for my UI i use grid, decursive, dbm, xperl and some other stuff like gladius, spellflash, sexymap and bagnon.. Razz
they are awesome for healing, anybody knows Razz (the first 2mostly)

Technical Information
my pc is two years old and its fast as ever i dont lag and stuff the internet can sometimes go bad but thats rarely i mean maybe once every two months stop for some hours, i dont know, techincal problems occur everywhere Wink

About my IRL Life
Im a socialite, i love going out, but i have previously always came home to raid when i had friends waiting, what could stop me is my education but thats not really every time i mean im handling pretty good besides my driving course is over so unless the instructor cant have me come earlier ill be there (i passed the theory) X)

Im in stainless steel, which i love, i havent left yet , but i am unsatisfied because i can never go raid with them, even though i have come from really far just to sit on the PC and be rejected cuz someone came out of nowhere. They are great people but i need to raid at least every 2 weeks whatever Razz I know most guilds are full on healers , at least the good ones, but im always on time and strict, i talk if needed and i follow what im told Razz

My Progression
<Tell us what is your progression,what bosses you killed pre-nerf, what hardmodes you cleared etc.>
6/8 hc, pre nerf more or less 3-4 hc Razz i was a pvp maniac on my rogue (~4years) but thats over since i found the amazingness of raidhealing with priest, id love to progress more and more Razz

My WoW Goals?
I like the teamplay, its an awesome huge game with a story like no other. I'd love ofc to find my place, my friends, and show what i can do Smile

Why This Class and Role?
I've played this class back in TBC and I loved it it's absolutely awesome and good for anything Smile I picked it because this is who i am and healing is amazingly fun, the way i heal really depends on what im assigned to, i never miss using my 2 cds, i barely run out of mana, i use shields a lot ofc cause i have tons of mastery, mending on cd, flash heal to fill the voids sometimes, in big damage bubble and hymn, you know - the usual Smile

Why Revenant?
Im looking for a serious guild with people who know what they are doing, because im a person like that Razz

Recent Combatlogs:
I know what it is, dont know if we have one though, cant find it :p

Contact info
you can mail me at
In-game: ooor you can send me a mail in game on my Fatalgoddess, Elyss, Asiell, Saythe
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PostSubject: Re: Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]   Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:55 pm

Amg we are neigbhours /wink. Lot's of smiles and confidence in ur apply, we just need a pic of urs Laughing
We will come back to u with an answer soon; GL

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PostSubject: Re: Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]   Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:43 pm

Thank you for applying but we are not looking for disc/holy priest atm. Sorry and good luck finding a suitable guild.


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PostSubject: Re: Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]   

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Fatalgoddess' application ^^ [DECLINED]
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