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 Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]   Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:47 pm

Personal Information

Name: André
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Nationality: Norwegian
Playing times: 6 Years

Character Information

Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Rogueecheem
Class: Rogue
Race: Blood elf
Spec: Combat/Sub
/played: 25days 20min total on Rogue
Proffesions: 525 jewelcrafting/535 Enchanting because of the 3 67gems and enchant on rings
Alts: Lachem Huntecheem

My Spec (7/31/3) Why? Gems & Glypts
i go agility. getting my expertise on 26, having my hit cap on 8% got 20k Attack Power

DBM, Reforgelite, Omen and Slice Admiral, Use usual Ui got wow keyboard and mouse so got spellbindings on those.

Technical Information
my comp can easly run wow on Ultra Graphics, 16gb Ram Geforce gtx 560 ti 2TB. 100/100 Connection to wi/fi

About my IRL Life
Working in a store so every 2nd week i need to work late. that can crash with the raiding. i am a happy guy that like playing wow and lvling. living with my gf. Dont party much since need too think about expences so i mostly play wow and work out:)

Giddyup, Royal teldrassil rangers, Flying honey badgers. Left RTR because i changed server to play with friend, left FHB because all the players started playing D3

My Progression
8/8 Normal 10% nerfed 4/8 HC 15% nerf

My WoW Goals?
Like the game since this is the one place i can be alone. setting a goal and get it. wanna get DS HC down before MoP.Going for a good guild i can aim to get MoP HC down. and will use most of my time trying to reach that goal.

Why This Class and Role?
Like doing Melee DPS have played DK at lich king lvl 80, tryed shadow priest on Burning Crusade lvl 70, and had a feral Druid WoW regual lvl 60

Why Revenant?
the best guilds on the realm. got asked if i wanted to join and thought about it for a week before i wrote this application:P

Recent Combatlogs: but no reports

Contact info
in game: Rogueecheem, Lachem, Huntecheem, Ikkefaen or just send msg on Rogueecheem since i use him on mobil armory
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Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]   Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:37 am

Tnx for ur application we gonna answer u ASAP

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PostSubject: Re: Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]   Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:10 pm

Accepted for trial.


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PostSubject: Re: Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]   

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Rogueecheem Rogue (Combat/Sub) [ACCEPTED]
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