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 Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]   Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:50 pm

Personal Information
Name: Garry
Age: 49 (yes, really)
Sex: male
Nationality: Israel
Playing times: usually 18:00-24:00 ST

Character Information
Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Multitusk
Class: Mage
Race: Troll
Spec: fire/arcane
/played: 249 days, 49 days on level 85
Proffesions: tailoring/jewelcrafting

Quote :
"New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."
Oh, c'mon...

- Multitusk-
- Lecordonbleu-
- Dragonpet-

My Spec
Fire - 5/33/3 - the only concern I could see is 2 points in Arcane Concentration vs. Improved Flamestrike. Some time ago mana on DW madness was a real issue. Maybe on heroic it makes sense to move these points to Improved Flamestrike.

Arcane - 33/5/3 - Improved Blink vs. Nether Vortex. Blink helps in survivability, vortex is situational - sapper? usually not an issue. I vote for blink.

Glyphs, gems enchants are pretty much obvious.

Addons... there are plenty of them. Those that might be relevant to this application are:
- Power auras
- MyBIgIgnites
- Mage mana bar
- Omen
- Skada

Technical Information
W7 running on i5 2500 OC'ed to 4.5GHz (not a big deal, but still) on P8Z68 MB with 8GB memory, 20Mbps ADSL.

About my IRL Life
I work as a telecom/datacom system architect, got family, like cooking, drinking, skiing, laying on the sunny beach. Just like any normal person.

It's a long story, really. I have started this mage about 6 years ago on Chromaggus. Played in different guilds, never left any guild until it was clear it goes down. Here is the list:
- Chromaggus - Twilight of Doom (Kara), Nathrezim (SSC), Ares (SSC, TK, BT, SW)
- Darksorrow - Greener Grass (Ulduar), Nium (ToC), Fallen from Grace (ICC, BoT, TotFW, BWD, FL), BreakingBad (FL, DS)

My Progression
As far as I remember, we have done 6/7 heroinc FL after the nerf (3/7 before it), 6/8 heroic DS, and stop raiding now. I can't say for sure, but I think we have downed heroic Warmaster with 10% nerf, Morchok and Yorzajh with no nerf, Hagarra and Zon'ozz with 5%. But again this is from my memory, so don't catch me on inaccurate information.

My WoW Goals?
Fun and progress of course. It's a game. isn't it?

Why This Class and Role?
This is my first char, which I have made about 6 years ago. Hard to say why. I just felt that troll mage is what I want to play. Old, bald, ugly ranged caster speaking Jamaican! Yeah, that's the part I miss!

Why Revenant?
Your raiding time suits me well. Looking at your progress (over entire DS, yes I was watching) I think i could feet in well.

Recent Combatlogs:
I know what it is, but I doubt I can find any, since we neither record it nor upload.

Contact info
In-game: Multitusk, Lecordonbleu, Dragonpet. Or by e-mail.
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Guild leader
Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]   Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:55 pm

hello there and tnx for ur apllication, will answer u ASAP

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PostSubject: Re: Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]   Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:38 pm

Any reason for your int/haste gem?

You have too much haste as it is, with the set bonus, mastery gets better than haste presuming you atleast got 1550haste(obviously impossible to get down to that level with the current gear, but the closer you get to that level for additional crit, or mastery if crit aint possible, the better.) i believe.

Try to avoid Int/hit gems at all costs, try to reforge ur way to it, obviously it can be better to gem in certain situations, but checking it out to check if the int-increase will be worth it for the say, mastery/haste lost for the hit you would reforge.


Credits to Tazdingu
~When you roll a troll, you'll never reroll~
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PostSubject: Re: Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]   Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:58 pm

There was a reason to use int/haste gem to get to another haste plateau step, before I changed my bracers. Currently it is suboptimal. I forgot check and regem. I agree it should be replaced with int/crit. I use Rawr to min/max the stats.

Int/hit gem in my belt is placed for reason - socket bonus is +20 int, so having 40int+20int+20hit+20int(socket bonus) > 40int + 40int. What would make sense in this case is replacing all gems with 50int gems. I did not do this because I was counting on the heroic Cord of the Slain Champion to drop, but apparently it does not exist. And yes, we do not raid anymore.

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PostSubject: Re: Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]   

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Multitusk mage application[DECLINED]
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