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 Fire mage zenze

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PostSubject: Fire mage zenze   Sat May 05, 2012 7:49 am

Personal Information
<tell us your personal information>

Name: Kim Andre
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Nationality: Norwegian
Playing times: Everday.

Character Information
<Tell us your in-game character information>

Realm: Darksrrow
Name: Zenze
Class: Mage
Race: Goblin
Spec: Pve Fire / PVP fire/frost
/played: since 2009
Proffesions: Enchanting and Tailoring 525
Armory: can't post link since i'm new on forum ..
Alts: Zenzee rogue
UI: default UI

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts
<Tell us how you feel your spec,glypts,gems why you choose them and how they fit your gamestyle.>

Use fire spec 3/35/3 because i think it's great, gems int -> int/crit -> int/hit i use them after what I need. Glyphs I think is the ones i have most use for.

<Explain us what addons you use,what help you most in your UI>

My UI is default and like it that way, use recount, dbm and omen and some others for achi and fun.

Technical Information
<Tell us about your Computer and Internet Connection>

Playing on a gaming laptop, internet connection is good rarely lag or DC.

About my IRL Life
<Tell us about your real life,what kind of person you are,what will stop you to not attend in the raids sometimes>

21 year old boy who works on a factory. Work 2week/1week off/1week/1week off and so on. Work day and night so some days it can stop me from raiding, but not all the time.

<Tell us which guild have you been why you left them.>

I been in Revenant for a while now as social, I left one time to join my IRL friends on another server to raid, that way I progressed DS. I left because after a time it was raids rare.

My Progression
<Tell us what is your progression,what bosses you killed pre-nerf,what hardmodes you cleared and etc.>

8/8 and 1/8 DS

My WoW Goals?
<What is your goals,why you like this game and etc.>

My goal is to progress as a mage dps for upcoming MoP, I like this game because it's fun playing.

Why This Class and Role?
<Explain us why you pick up this class and the way you dps/heal/tank>

First time I tried wow I fell in love with mage, and got tips from my friend Osomo Wink Now I feel I DPS good, but can be better.

Why Revenant?
<Why you choose us?>

I know people IRL here as Cution and Osomo. Since I have been social in this guild before I know there are some good people in here too and now I want in on the fun:)

Recent Combatlogs:
<--> some people dont know even what is this,SO better you know>

I never used that site before, but now that I know about it I will check it out more often.

Contact info
<How can we contract you ?>

In-game: Zenze
skype : stjernevall
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PostSubject: Re: Fire mage zenze   Sat May 05, 2012 5:11 pm

Nvm this post ur allready in.

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Fire mage zenze
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