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 Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]

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PostSubject: Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]   Fri May 04, 2012 8:00 pm

Personal Information
<tell us your personal information>
Age: 16
Playing times:Anytime required.

Character Information
<Tell us your in-game character information>
Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Via
Class: paladin
Race: blood elf
Spec: holy/prot
/played: 118 days
Proffesions: BS -almost all DS recipes
Alts: <Their name and armory link> Gnralreqest

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts
<Tell us how you feel your spec, glyphs, gems; why you choose them and how they fit your gamestyle.>
My spec is taken from elitist jerks site and the gems are the best for my gear and money.

<Explain us what addons you use, what help you the most in your UI>: DBM recount healbot quartz omniCC. I dont put base in addons i like to play classic style since my keyboard and mouse are custom made.

Technical Information
<Tell us about your Computer and Internet Connection>: i got a pretty good pc. It has full watercooling system(even on RAM) and as grapichs card i got nvidia gtx 580(soon getting the second). Internet connection has 100mB/s.

About my IRL Life
<Tell us about your real life, what kind of person you are, what will stop you to not attend in the raids sometimes>: i like dancing and hanging out with my friends. I like cheering up ppl and im a big ragequiter when i raid out of the guild.( many from DS know me as a ragequiter, but i never ragequited in any guild raid.)

<Tell us which guild(s) have you been in why you left them.> From the ashes-slackers , katuma-nice guys...but finnish.

My Progression
<Tell us what is your progression,what bosses you killed pre-nerf, what hardmodes you cleared etc.> 7 HC on Gnralreqest as healer and 4 HC on Via also as healer.

My WoW Goals?
<What is your goals, why you like this game and etc.>: To have as much fun possible and to go for top 10 guilds EU.(as a healer ofc)

Why This Class and Role?
<Explain us why you pick up this class and the way you dps/heal/tank>: Since i hate depending on others i love healing. I know that if we fail and die its my fault( in fights where healing is req) and not an idiots fault. I fail rarely and i know what i can.

Why Revenant?
<Why you choose us?> Makkone told me you need a hpala.

Recent Combatlogs:
< --> some people dont know even what is this,SO better you know>: none on my paladin.

Contact info
<How can we contact you ?>
In-game: Whisper Via/Gnralreqest
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PostSubject: Re: Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]   Sat May 05, 2012 7:59 pm

Hi there mate we will answer u soon, need to talk to other officers.

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PostSubject: Re: Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]   Mon May 07, 2012 4:37 pm

Ok hi again and sorry for the late answer. It seem our paladin healer spot is been taken so sorry and gl finding a suitable guild.

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PostSubject: Re: Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]   

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Via-holy paladin[DECLINED]
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