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 Slavka - SV/BM/MM hunter

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PostSubject: Slavka - SV/BM/MM hunter   Wed May 02, 2012 9:19 pm

Personal Information

Name: Slavik
Age: 19
Sex: male
Nationality: Latvian (Russian)
Playing times: Usually can attend every raid, but due the fact that at the moment i am finishing my secondary school, I have some problems with attending. I think you can understand me, as it is now exam time. But usually can raid every evening from 18.00 Server time.

Character Information

Realm: Darksorrow
Name: Slavka
Class: Hunter
Race: Troll
Spec: Survival atm. But also know my pvp beastmastery spec and pve marksmanship if it will be needed in raiding.
Proffesions: Mining - Maximum, Jewelcrafting - Respeced recently to start building up my pve proffesions, so it will take me 2-3 days to get ti to max. Atm around 150.
Armory: cant post
Megapro - resto shaman
Justinbeaber - feral tank 80lvl
Bassbeat - Neptulon realm holy paladin - 84 lvl
UI: cant post

My Spec (3/7/31) Why? Gems & Glypts
At the moment I am using survival spec because it is the best in dragonsoul content due the trinkets and 4 set buff. Using Explosive shot glyph, because Explosive shot is the strongest shot which hunter can use in survival spec. Next major glyph is Arcane shot glyph, actually chose this glyph because it gives more dmg to my arcane shot and improves my dps a lot, because I use arcane shot very often. Next major glyph is kill shot, i think there is nothing to say about it, because it is very essential in every hunter spec, improves your dps at the end of fight sharply. It is not so important what other minor glyphs you use as a survival hunter, except 1, trap launcher glyph. Every minor is very helphul and it depends on the fight which minor glyph i should use.
I socket agility gems as much i can, agility is the best stat for hunter. Except 2 yellow gems which are required for meta socket gem activation.
If we are talking about reforging, then my priority of reforging is : Agility> Critical strike> Mastery>=Haste raiting and of course Hit cap - 8%.
Aproximate rotation - Explosive shot>Black Arrow> Serpent sting> Arcane shot>= Cobra shot - Of course depends on the fight, but explosive shot is the strongest shot, so it must be used asap.

I use Powerauras - i know when my explosive shot and black arrow is ready for use. Then OmniCC for more precise timing. Then I use Quartz to know how long my Black arrow will last for further decision what shot to use next. Recount of course. Then HunterFocusBar- shows my focus bar in more larger scale. Next one - Greenrange - shows my maximum range (very useful on Zonnoz hc). And of course newest version of DBM.

Technical Information
Intel core i7, 6gb ram, 1gb video card GTX 560. Only one problem which can occur sometimes and which i cant regulate is my internet connection, because I live in a village near city. But most of the time it is "green screen" and 45-50ms home/world.

About my IRL Life:
I am a very funny person, but when it comes to raiding i get serious and dedicated like never before. In my free time i am drawing graffiti, doing beatbox, cooking, fishing and other stuff.
The thing that can sometimes prevent me from raiding is my familiy and school, as it is now - my school exams. But even if my family is making some kind of an event or i am having something important in school i always book my time for WoW raiding, so I can fully dedicate to the game and nothing could bother me while raiding.

Kuje i Laseri - This guild broke due the fact not so good dedication to the raiding. Every1 had other IRL problems that were more important than raiding so I decided to leave this guild.
SOD - Was as a trial for some time, but due the fact that at that moment I had some unexpected family problems, i got removed.
Sovietsky Soyuz - Disrespect from guildmaster and officers. The attitude to me when I joined this guild was good, but as we raided toghether more and more, it got worse and worse to me.

My Progression
I wont be writing long sentences here, cuz i am not an old player, joined wow as Cataclysm content started.
BoT, ToT4W, BWD - fully normal dificullty clear
Firelands - 6/7 HC
DS - 6/8 HC

Also cleared ICC heroic, BT, Tempest Keep and other stuff.

My WoW Goals?

My WoW is to become the best hunter on Darksorrow realm and after that, to become the best hunter worldwide.
I am dedicated to my goal and I will reach it, nothing will stop me.
Watching videos with kills, reading tacts, analysing my logs and doing other stuff to improve my performance, thinking about it 24/7.

Why This Class and Role?

Actually, there is no explenation to this question. The story is that when I started to play, first class which i picked randomly was hunter and from that day, I seriously beloved this class, I am fully dedicated to it, even if it will be nerfed in MoP, i will never stop playing it.

Why Revenant?
I find your guild dedicated to your job. I got very impressed when you got 8/8 HC after Framewalkers and then I said to myself "If I will go away, then I will definetly go to Revenant".
I hope that I will be useful to your guild and I would like to become part of your raiding team.

Recent Combatlogs:
cant post
Not so recent, due the fact that now i have exams and can attend half of the raids.

Contact info
Skype: ezis91
In-game: Slavka, Megapro, Justinbeaber.
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PostSubject: Re: Slavka - SV/BM/MM hunter   Thu May 03, 2012 12:44 am

hello, and tnx for ur application overall it seems decent, will answeru asap, gl

and even if we accept u, u have to rename ur char since its a shame having justinB in guild.....

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Slavka - SV/BM/MM hunter
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