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 Alýssa 85 Feral Tank / Resto Druid

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PostSubject: Alýssa 85 Feral Tank / Resto Druid   Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:52 pm

Personal Information
<tell us your personal information>
Age:18, 19 in the end of april.
Playing times:

Character Information
<Tell us your in-game character information>
Spec:feraltank ilvl 399 / resto ilvl 396
/played:33 days on 85
Proffesions:alch and mining
Alts: melonslice, shárm and bélls on this server. Cherrý on shattered hand.

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts
feraltank (0/32/9) , decided to go with points in king of the jungle to increase some dps for example ultraxion hc.
And the gems is mostly what i think fits best. so many diffrent choices to gem as feraltank, people have told me to go full gemming +75 stamina or the other way and gem full +50 agility. so i choose to get something between. which means my gems i use mostly is +25 agi and +37 stamina , and +75 stamina in some of the gems. and 2x +25 mastery and +37 stamina for the meta gem socketbonus.

ELVui, omen3, mik's scrolling combat text, bartender4, fortexorcist, recount is kinda what i using for raiding.
elvui do i use cus it think its kinda fresh and not too many stuff all over the place, omen3 do i use always since im tank ms.
mik's scrolling combat text do i think was better than sct since it told me when all my cds were ready and it was easier to config it as i want it for each specc.
bartender4 is more to move around some bars, like my menu with char, spellbook etc. , forte to show all my cds and to see when they are up again. Aaand recount for healing and dmg done.

Technical Information
All new computer as a early birthdaypresent, works fine and never getting laggy. tho we are getting some internetproblems times from times, randomly dcing and such stuff like that. But it often very fast fixed aswell.

About my IRL Life
I got a social life , but im too lazy to hang out with em during normal weeknights. So i would never cancel a raid to be with a friend, and if i did i would tell days before. Probably only thing that would make me come late for raids is that we usually eat dinner late in my family and i always have to sit at the dinnertable and eat + not leave it until everyone have finished. Im a positive person, i can be very shy but i never take anything serious. (with that i mean i can handle jokes and dont get mad because of stupid shit.)
And im ofc not a lootwhore ;d

Been on darksorrow kinda since i started with wow (just before cata release, so havent played anything in wotlk etc.)
Was ally before, raiding with a guild called not exactly on my shaman (bélls now, goblin) in 4.2 , killed 7/7 normal prenerf before i decided to take a break from the guild because of several people. One month later i started to lvl a druid which became my main. I was resto before and i raid 6/7 hc after the roughly 20 % nerf in firelands. They cleared some in ds aswell before i joined another guild (they had all their healers and at that point i didnt wanna be a second choice) called solace demands on ally darksorrow aswell, whole swedish guild. killed 7/8 normal before they disbanded at the new years eve. After that i decided to test something new and changed specc to feraltank and factionchanged to horde. Found the guild awaken that i started to raid with, and which im still in. But now most of the guys i enjoy raiding with are gonna leave or take a break from the raiding and i think its time to move on.

My Progression
7/7 normal prenerf firelands, 6/7 hc firelands after nerf.
4/8 in total on hc in ds (morchok,yorsahj,hagara and ultraxion)

My WoW Goals?
Uhm, i dont have and directly goals. i enjoy playing this game cus i love to make new friends, and cus i enjoy raiding and everything else about this game Smile

Why This Class and Role?
Druid, nuff said? no but i have always wanted a druid, and when i finally dinged it 85 i just loved it. I have been resto from the start but i decided now in january to go bear. Which i love. Maybe cus its kinda rare that a girl tank, or maybe cus i just enjoy to do something else than heal. And ofc, healing is something i enjoy aswell, but it gets boring to JUST heal and not do anything else.

Why Revenant?
i heard you all were handsome... nah but i have just heard that u got a nice attitude against eachother and to other people. And also got a nice teamwork.
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Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Alýssa 85 Feral Tank / Resto Druid   Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:43 pm

hi there, and tnx for ur application, we will answer ya ASAP


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Alýssa 85 Feral Tank / Resto Druid
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