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 Disc / Holy Priest 395

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PostSubject: Disc / Holy Priest 395    Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:24 am

Personal Information
<tell us your personal information>
Name: kalle Sjöström
Age: 17 years old
Sex: Guy
Nationality: Sweed
Playing times: Every day, more when raiding Smile

Character Information
<Tell us your in-game character information>
Realm: Darksorrow (ftw)
Name: Sacérdot
Class: Priest
Race: BloodElf
Spec: atonement Disc or Normal Holy
/played: 23 days 2 hrs
Proffesions: Tailoring (525) & Enchanting (currently 350)
Alts: I Really only play on this charakter Smile

My Spec (0/0/0) Why? Gems & Glypts
I mainly gem for my main stats, (intellect and hast and crit) so that i will be able to heal as i whant, in a good way. My glyphs, well , I dont really have anything to say about my glyphs, i glyph as i feel will help make my main spells more efficient, like Glyph of flashheal, and Glyph of Prayer of Healing.

At the time i only use the addon called Icehud, the only one that affects my Ui, that is. Becouse everything else makes my wow go mad, for some reason, but i feel that this works just as good.

Technical Information
My computer is one of the best ones on the market, atleast it was, a cupple of mounths ago Wink And i dont have any problems with wow or any chatting programs. My internet is kinda okey, 30 mbts /s so that isnt a problem either

About my IRL Life
I have quite much freetime atm, and i will be able to join raids every weekend, exept when im seeing my girlfriend (not that much in the evenings) and in the weekdays will i also be joining, atleast if its not too late, i have alot of studying to do some days.

Ive been on many different guilds, and left when i did realmchanges etc, no big guilds, just small ones for fun. Resently ive been raiding with Sovjetsky Suyuz, not so much raiding, more like filling spots when they were open... But i left becouse they already had a full grp with amazing "Saviors of Azeroth" healers... and i felt like it wasent going anywere.

My Progression
I have cleared only one out of 8 bosses in DragonSoul, and 8/8 normal (ofc) Prenerf. ( I think, im kinda sure it was before the patch. But not morchock Hc, that was, unfortunatly after the patch, but as i said to whats-his-face in the guild, while I was chatting. I know the tacts for every HC boss.

My WoW Goals?
My main goal if comming as far as i can in raids, and my second little hobby in the game if mountcollecting :/ But mainly its raiding.. And being social Razz

Why This Class and Roll?
This is acctually a funny story... I was mainly going to be dpsing when i leveled this char up, but then, i think it was when i did the black temple, twinkrun in lvl 70, with NO 85´s. and the healing failed, over and over again! So I though to myself, why not heal myseelf, so I can get it right! And so i did, and i stuck to it, and as i said, im switching between the two specs atm.

Why Revenant?
Im gonna te totaly honest now, I saw one of your guildies flying around on his Twilight Harbringer, and I whent like WOOOH, RESPECT! ^^ And then i started chatting with the recruiter, and here I am.

Contact info
<How can we contract you ?>
In-game: Whisp me if im online ne this char, and if im not, add my realid, (if your the recruiter or gm, please say so in the note.)
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Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Disc / Holy Priest 395    Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:07 pm

hello and tnx for ur application
but as u know there is some req to joining high lvl guild and its having decent experince and past which u dont have any of em im afraid but we have to decline this application

gl finding a suitable guild.

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Disc / Holy Priest 395
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