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 6/8hc Hunter App

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PostSubject: 6/8hc Hunter App   Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:28 pm

Name: Bówjob

Class: Hunter

Spec: Surv/MM

What is your experience with your offspec, and are you willing to play that in some raids should the guild require it to get the perfect setup for harder content?: High Exp in both specs, will even play BM is asked to on progress fights.

Armoury link:

In regards to gear, are you willing to have your current gear maxed out in the way of gemming and enchanting, even if it is not the BiS piece? Sure, willing to take any advice/criticism if its helps mine/guilds progress and or performance

Professions, and why did you take these?: Alchemy and JC, JC simply because its been one of the best profession to have at a raiders disposal for a long time and alchemy wasn't my first choice, would've been engineering for the utility but my guild needed someone to make a cauldron so i volunteered

Why are you applying to Revenant?: To further my progress in this game and make some friends along the way.

Is there anyone in Revenant who can vouch for you?: No, sorry.

Previous guild(s), and why you were kicked, or why you left: Immortal Vanquishers, Currently ranked #2 on Azuremyst EU and have collected 4 Realm first kills on HC. I am leaving this guild because they've lost their drive to perform in my opinion, unlike anyone else i know who plays this game i crave being the realm #1 Hunter/Player and i want the same for my guild, During early progression we did what any other guild does that is aiming for realm firsts, we got PTR exp, got all flasks/food ready, logged on when servers went up and raided our little hearts out, in my opinion we played very well during early progress and could we have kept up that momentum throughout we would be #1. Unfortunately we had IRL issues stopping people from showing up on-time/at all, Let me explain some of the things holding us back, our GM (Ironbear) decided he was going to get prior on all loot that was an upgrade for him as he was guild MT, understandable yes? not really as he got his 4 set and a DW polearm then decided to quit until MoP taking all the gear with him he acquired, but this isn't everything, to top that off we had a couple in our guild and they decided that they were gonna break up and they weren't gonna be seen in the same raid group together one being a healer and other our top dps, this caused us one full lockout week to convince them to suck it up and raid. Another problem we encountered was our main healer and raid leader (cornetto) unfortuneatly lost his brother during our warmaster hc progress and had a month and a half off to mourn his loss, this left us raid leader-less and super uber holy pala-less for this time period. All these problems linked together meant other guilds got the jump on us, and have now cleared all content and therefore my guild has decided to reduce down to a two day a week raid since "we have no reason to push for kills any more" in their opinion.

What raiding experience you have, be as detailed as possible:

WotLK: All normal content cleared,

ICC 10HC 11/12
ICC 25HC 10/12

Cataclysm: All normal content cleared,
BWD HC 2/6
BoT HC 3/5 [2/5 Pre 4.3]
ToTFW HC 0/2

FL HC 6/7 [5/7 Pre-Nerf]

DS HC 6/8 [All post nerf]

What kind of PC and connection do you have? (average FPS and MS in raids?): Pentium(R) Quad-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz 3.06 GHz 3.07 GHz 3.07GHz


64-bit Operating System

Virgin Media 50MBps High Fibre interwebs

25-30 fps and 20-40MS

Our current raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, will you be able to attend most, or all of these nights?: Yeah all

Do you speak and understand English clearly, as this will be the language used to communicate in the raids?: Yeah, I'm English myself

Can you handle constructive critisism and do you use this to improve your general performance?: Yeah

Link to a screenshot of your UI: Don't have one but i use LUI with Powerauras to show when encounter specific mechanics affect me, I.E Fading Light

Tell us something about yourself, this is the first impression we get of you, so take this as a good opportunity to make your application shine.
I play to be the best i can, and quite frankly i want to further myself and achieve some sort of amazing feat of strength in this game before it completely dies and i think raiding with Revenant will be able to further my progress and get the realm first kills i've been craving since 4.2.

Also, on progress kills i don't mind being sat out several nights in a row if my class does not fit they setup needed to complete the encounter.
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Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: 6/8hc Hunter App   Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:38 pm

hello and tnx for ur application our hunter class leader will take a look at ur application and answer ya asap

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PostSubject: Re: 6/8hc Hunter App   Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:23 pm

Eya mate,sorry for the late reply,we currently have two active hunters in a 10 man setup,so there's no way to squeeze you in. Sad

Wish you best of luck,and good luck finding a suitable guild.
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PostSubject: Re: 6/8hc Hunter App   

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6/8hc Hunter App
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