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 Resto Haste breakpoints

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PostSubject: Resto Haste breakpoints   Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:52 pm

Always been running with +2005 haste, but i just reforged the gear on my druid to only have 920 haste. I have gained quite alot of mastery by doing so, though my aoe heal will probably be less when going like this. Anyone have any experience of what is better for firelands raids?

(copy paste from EJ)
916: 5th tick of Rejuvenation. You should have this in any raid gearset.
1573: 9th tick of Wild Growth and Effloresence with Dark Intent. If you have DI, you only have to make it to here instead of 2005 to get this nice bonus.
1602: 5th tick of Rejuvenation without 5% haste. If you're missing the haste buff, you really want to be at this point or higher.
1779: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Nature's Grace.
2005: 9th tick of Wild Growth and Efflorescence. This point is very valuable, as these two spells make up a large portion of our healing.
2032: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Shard of Woe proc active. If you have a Shard, this is only a small leap from 2005 and makes your trinket use much more effective.
2490: 7th tick of Rejuvenation with Nature's Grace and Shard of Woe active.
3106: 11th tick of Wild Growth/Efflorescence with Nature's Grace.
3478: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Dark Intent.
3754: 10th tick of Wild Growth/Efflorescence.
3967: 6th tick of Rejuvenation.
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Resto Haste breakpoints
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