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 Savuh - Assasination Rogue

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PostSubject: Savuh - Assasination Rogue   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:50 pm

Name: Savuh

Class: Rogue

Spec: PvE: Assasination PvP: Subtlety

What is your experience with your offspec, and are you willing to play that in some raids should the guild require it to get the perfect setup for harder content?: OS has always been for PvP, so i have no PvE experience as sub. I played Combat in beginning of ICC at WotLK. Got two great daggers and decided to roll assasination. I've loved it ever since.

Armoury link:

In regards to gear, are you willing to have your current gear maxed out in the way of gemming and enchanting, even if it is not the BiS piece?
Yes, and atm i have enchanted my current gear properly (landslides etc, except my wrists which i can enchant soon. (50 agi)

Professions, and why did you take these?: Skinning seemed cool when i leveled this rogue as my first character ever. I've been considering
leveling a new profession because skinning is useless to rogue.
My secon proff is Herbalism. I choose it because i was a newb and my friends said it would be useful. Nowdays it actually is because of the haste buff it gives.

Why are you applying to Revenant?: I saw a advertisement on trade channel that said you need a rogue, then i thought "Why not give it a shot?"
I see you are 25man guild which is exactly what im looking for. Im kinda new on this realm so what i need right now is a welcoming raidcommunity. I hope Revenant has what im looking for Razz

Is there anyone in Revenant who can vouch for you?: I dont think so :/

Previous guild(s), and why you were kicked, or why you left: Previous realm was getting kinda dead so was the guild, The Venture Co. Dignitas was the guild. Nowdays the guild is back up and running but i have no intrest in playing with those people who stayed there.

What raiding experience you have, be as detailed as possible: I started WoW in WotLK. Been playing for about two and half years.
Every wotlk raid cleared exept four last bosses of Ulduar. I was on a break back then :S

Normal ICC25M Progress was 12/12
Heroic progress on ICC25M was 11/12

Normal Cata raids 11/12 (Missing Al'akir, was reserve that raid, they never wanted to go there again)
Heroic cata bosses "only" 2/13 on rogue. That was the progress i got with my old guild Dignitas before it fell apart. I had a break which lasted 2months and i feel like im ready to get back into 25man raiding.
I dont see my current progress/gear as a problem, im very ambitious raider, im good at studying boss tactics/mechanics.
Wiping is not a problem to me. It makes raiding feel more rewarding when you finally down a boss Smile.

What kind of PC and connection do you have? (average FPS and MS in raids?): My computer is stable and my internet is perfect. MS is usually around 50-70ms. Fps is around 60-100.

Our current raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, will you be able to attend most, or all of these nights?: My previous guild had same raidtimes, i had 100% attendance. So im pretty sure im able to make it to most of the raids.

Do you speak and understand English clearly, as this will be the language used to communicate in the raids?: Yes, i can speak english well enough for communicating.

Can you handle constructive critisism and do you use this to improve your general performance?: Yes i can Very Happy My previous guildmaster used to use hard words, but im glad he did. I feel like he made me much better player and much better rogue.

Link to a screenshot of your UI:
I like clear UI's. Oh and the recount err... Im not a DPS**ore... Very Happy

-Im 18 years old young man from Helsinki, Finland. I study at healtcare school, maybe one day i'll be a paramedic Razz
I play wow almost always when possible. I have no hobbies, just hanging out with friends when i have time. School does require some time from me, but i've always been able to sort raiding and studying together Razz
As you may have noticed while reading this application, i might make some grammar mistakes in english, but i do speak and understand it fair enough Razz.

I believe i can offer you a very good and skilled rogue, i know my class well, i read forums/ej/patchnotes for incoming changes and i prepare myself properly.
I always lookup for things i can improve myself in.
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PostSubject: Re: Savuh - Assasination Rogue   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:55 pm

Good apply, good handling of the gems/enchants/reforges.... welcome to Revenant.

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PostSubject: Re: Savuh - Assasination Rogue   Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:15 pm

Thank you Smile

I will get into the business as soon as possible. At the moment it seems impossible due my holidaytrip. Ill be back at home next week (wed-thu).
Then i get my actual computer and internet.

I hope this is okay, and until then i shall be patient and study my homework (tactics Razz:P)
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PostSubject: Re: Savuh - Assasination Rogue   

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Savuh - Assasination Rogue
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