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 Elemental/Resto Shaman

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PostSubject: Elemental/Resto Shaman   Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:48 am

Name: Dagorath

Class: Shaman

Spec: Elemental

What is your experience with your offspec, and are you willing to play that in some raids should the guild require it to get the perfect setup for harder content?:

I have healed 10/12 and im willing to heal to get a perfect setup.

Armory link:

In regards to gear, are you willing to have your current gear maxed out in the way of gemming and enchanting, even if it is not the BiS piece?:

Yes , always.

Professions, and why did you take these?:

JC (maxed): Took this for the money making really but now it's mostly for the int bonus.
Mining (maxed): Took this as it's a good combination with JC but im thinking of changing it to enchanting because I dont seem to need it anymore.

Why are you applying to Revenant?:

I want to raid and the guild has about the same progress as I do so I thought it was a good option.

Is there anyone in Revenant who can vouch for you?:


Previous guild(s), and why you were kicked, or why you left:

You are Fired , left/leaving because they stopped raiding at the time we downed Cho'gall.

What raiding experience you have, be as detailed as possible:

10/12 in Cata ( 5/6 Bwd 4/4 BoT 1/2 ToFW ) 12/12 Icc10 11/12 Icc25 normal and 11/12 Icc10 hc.

What kind of PC and connection do you have? (average FPS and MS in raids?):

50-60 FPS and 40-50 MS I have never had problems with Lagg/DC's during raids.

Our current raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, will you be able to attend most, or all of these nights?:

Yes, if nothing special comes up there is nothing that will interfere with my raiding

Do you speak and understand English clearly, as this will be the language used to communicate in the raids?:


Can you handle constructive critisism and do you use this to improve your general performance?:

Yes I always do what I can to improve.

Link to a screenshot of your UI:

Tell us something about yourself, this is the first impression we get of you, so take this as a good opportunity to make your application shine.

My name is Erik and im a 14 year old Swedish guy (I know im quite young but I consider myself rather mature for my age). I've been playing WoW since the release of Ulduar or so.

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PostSubject: Re: Elemental/Resto Shaman   Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:51 am

thanks for applying will let you know asap
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PostSubject: Re: Elemental/Resto Shaman   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:34 pm

Application accepted. Welcome to Revenant.


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PostSubject: Re: Elemental/Resto Shaman   

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Elemental/Resto Shaman
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