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 Nausikaja, Hunter

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PostSubject: Nausikaja, Hunter   Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:16 pm


Class: Hunter

Specc: SV and loving it

Off: can be any but currently SV, just another talent build

Professions: LW and JC for obvious reasons of capability of crafting some epics for my class (1) and JC gems (2) for better performance

Reason for joining: once a raider, always a raider, so obviously I want to raid again, and not with any guild but the good guild.
Why Revenant? Have a friend here and some acquaintances, too. Following your progress and reputation made my decision easy. Following my friend's stories, Revenant is not only about skilled members and good progress but also the friendliness and open minded attitude.

In game experience: 320sh play days speak for itself, the achievement Over 9000, too
Wasn't raiding in Vanilla but all TBC and ToLK contents mastered.

Previous guilds: with Rune as my original guild, I raided for Dawn, EB and Omega

Reasons for leaving: old Rune disbanded, Dawn disbanded, EB for having serious problems with attitude, and Omega for returning to Rune and last, new Rune isn't likely to be raiding any time soon.

Current gear: the best pre-raiding obtainable

Raids availability: any day, any time scheduled
Have working ventrilo and equipment needed.

possible vouches: Iwakiris, Hrco, maybe some other people I've met and played with.

Out of game: literature, archery and music

Armory link:

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Nausikaja, Hunter
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