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 Social spot :)?

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PostSubject: Social spot :)?   Mon May 31, 2010 6:43 pm

Since i more want to join as a social member i'm not taking the application guideline but just making a own 1 hope you guys can understand that;)

Social/Real life info:

Well My name is Michel 20 years old living in Rotterdam , The Netherlands . As my Reallife job i'm procesoperator of the oil company Shell Holland , Sadly i'm working nightshifts and thats why i hope you guys accept me as a social member but when i'm able to play and you guys need someone i'm always up for some raiding Smile

Some Raiding info :

I`ve started serious raiding when Wotlk came out , cleared all contents pre wotlk also but nothing to be proud of:P anyway i`ve cleared almost all hardmodes on 10man in ulduar only missing firefighter and one light in the darkness also never killed yogg so stucked on 12/13 and 8/13 on 25man since the guild i was at that moment wasn't really and only could do 10man properly , Stayed in that guild until icc25 where we have completed ToGC10 with 49trys left and toc25 normal ( got expierence 4/5 togc25 ) . After Icc25 came out we got a hardtime killing Saurfang 25 w/o damage buff increase etc and people that had to little knownledge off there class so they didn't perform properly , joined Chapter Four after i left Ad Astra Per Aspera but due working times i wasn't able to raid with them so i decided to leave after talking with the GM , since then i'm doing mostly pugs with Susperia and doing alot of PvP . got 8/12 on 10 and 25man in ICC .

Reason why i want to join Revenant:

Mostly because i'm sick of being in a PvP guild with 0 activity , another reason is that i'm playing 2s with Devastorm on my druid , and because i really like playing with him and i'm thinking alot of you guys have the same attitude as Devastorm Smile

Why should you guys pick me:

Not really a reason why you guys should give me a social spot , doh i must admit i found myself above the average wow player and getting the max out of my chars and willing to help where needed , accepting criticism is also 1 of my best parts and turning the bad stuff into goodstuff , but i must say when i see someone doing terrible wrong i dont keep it for myself but i'm telling that to the person instantly ( so maybe thats a bad part Razz )

Armory links:
( Paladin , able to tank/dps/heal ) ( Destro Lock ,willing to respecc if needed ) ( Resto Druid )

Hope you guys liked my application and hoping i hear something of you guys:)
And ofcourse gl in the icc progress
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PostSubject: Re: Social spot :)?   Mon May 31, 2010 6:47 pm

Dunno whats going on but cant put any link inside my application form anyway the names of my chars are

Kippehh ( Prot/Ret/holy paladin)
Kippéhh ( Lock)
Kíppéhh ( Resto druid)
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Social spot :)?
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