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 ROGUE asis [Declined]

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PostSubject: ROGUE asis [Declined]   Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:57 pm

name : ramin
age : 26
sex : male
Im persian
Im a mechanical engineer i rly love consol games (wow) also i like sport for ex football
I have enough skill in english
I rly love rogue combat so i have alot of exp in rogue DPS
name : sonami
class : UD rogue
spec : assis
I played in " dod ( dream of desolation ) " with another charector , My alt ( holy pala )
I have exp in " icc 11/12 hc 10man " & " 5/5 togc (toc hc) " & " clear NAX 10m & 25m "

I know this guild is a active 10man's one with pro gamers. Also i was looking for a good 10man's guild.
I started wow with TBC and i enjoy always RPG time played at 80 74 days
I have vent& mic & knowleged of use it.
I will check and post forum.

Im full of hc also i have 6 of them epic

My talent is assis becaus i think this talent is the best for DPS singel target
My whole gems are agility becaus i will get extra attack power point as a rogue
My wepons enchant is hurricane becaus i need max of haste and i tried to cap stat with My gems , enchant and reforge
I can be online for raid 6 days of a week and i can will be online 10hours\

My ms & fbps is good.
My fps is always over 60
My ms is under 200
Im always stable in fight

I will be happy if i play with requiem

Best hopes
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PostSubject: Re: ROGUE asis [Declined]   Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:38 am

Not a very good apply..

1 of the first things you should do, is read the sticky posts at the top of the page. There's a template of how your application should look like.
The template can be found here:

Another would be to add a link for your armory:

Yet looking at your armory, you lack enchanting on 3 diffrent items, and no socket in your belt. Before applying to a raiding guild it would be adviseable to check up on your gear.

As you say you gem/enchant alot of agi, yet only got little over 7% hit. What does alot of ap mean, if you can't hit anything?

You could get alot of hit from reforging items with haste/crit/mastery (which are all lower on ranking than hit), into hit.

A few pointers. Goodluck ^^
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PostSubject: Re: ROGUE asis [Declined]   Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:56 am

SONAMI wrote:
I will be happy if i play with requiem

This is Revenant, not Requiem. Along with the various points that Fruitycake made, I'm wondering if this is just a copy and pasted application from other guilds? Another thing, we are a 25man guild, not a 10man. The recent 10 man's have been a filler whilst we get the 25man roster primed and ready to go, which has now happened.

On the grounds that this application looks like a copy from another guild, the lack of detail, and the fact you haven't paid a blind bit of notice to your hit rating, which is quite possibly the most important stat to get capped first, and then plus some more as a rogue, I will decline this application.

Good luck finding a suitable guild.

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PostSubject: Re: ROGUE asis [Declined]   

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ROGUE asis [Declined]
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