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 Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.

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PostSubject: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:03 pm

Name: Sanguines.

Class: Paladin.

Spec: Protection.

Armory link:
Despite my gear being not up to scratch for the current requirements, I’ll quickly mention now that this is my new spec, and I’m full 264 item level with some 277 items in Holy spec but changed due to patch 4.0.1
The reason I’m applying is for when the cataclysm expansion hits (So I assume current gear will not be much of an issue as most likely they will be replaced in the blink of an eye).

-450 Blacksmithing
-450 Enchanting

Why are you applying to revenant?
I have decided to apply for revenant now, although the application I am making is only for when cataclysm comes out to join your progress team then, from the very moment the expansion is released. (As there is little progress to be made this far in the current expansion).

I have always kept an eye on revenant and their progress despite my current location being on the realm: Karazhan (Eu). The reason for that is because I used to raid and dungeon a lot with Zraqu in the late Burning Crusade expansion when he introduced me to the game and took me under his wing, not to mention he is one of my closest friends.

From that i am aware that revenant is a strong and dedicated progress guild which i think both my skills and attitude would thrive in, not to mention the friendly environment both in and outside of raids.

Is there anyone who can vouce for you in revenant?
Zraqu is really the only person in revenant that can vouch for me, although I have possibly played with other members there back when I played on Darksorrow during the Burning Crusade expansion.
I’ve known Zraqu for years, although I will admit I’m used to calling him Ant as we live in the same area and are two very close friends (I’m hoping he’ll admit to that too ^^).
Nahaa (Soriy) i also have a history with (again in the burning crusade expansion where i played a mage called iodawraith). However my skills have furthermore increased from that point so i guess he can only give a good evalutation of personality.

Why did you leave / get kicked from your previous guild?
I was not kicked from my last guild, neither did I leave. Let me give you a bit of history on my guild(s):

I have myself, been the Guild Leader of a progressing Icecrown Citadel guild for some time now that was created 1-2 weeks before the release of the Icecrown Citadel Raid. We started recruiting fast and we made a small name for ourselves in our server due to our skilled bunch of core members and the help we gave in raids. We managed to clear ToC 25 as a guild not soon after we had established a sufficient amount of members to run a “Guild 25” raid, without any pugs at all.

After our great start we continued to progress further into Icc on its release. We worked for our kills even though every week we were hindered with inconvenient issues such as real life matters and poor connections on many raiders parts.

We were stuck having our progress at 11/12 on 10 man and 7/12 on 25 man for many weeks until we finally pulled through as a strong core in the 10 player mode and conquered Lich King bringing our guild a bit stronger footing over other still struggling guilds. Our progress ended at 7/12 Icc 10 heroic and 11/12 Icc 25 cleared before summer hit and the guild fell apart so much that nothing could repair it back to its former state.

It was at this point that many left and the few remaining re rolled to new servers, old servers or just simply stayed for the social aspect.

So that’s my basic history. Other guilds were just social guilds that were not serious at all which I don’t think are worth mentioning at all.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how dedicated i can be, not to mention during the whole of the Icecrown Citadel release i was studying and taking exams as well!

What raiding experience do you have?
Well, I have cleared every single (normal) 10 man boss in this expansion. Heroic I have done most, but not all.

I have cleared Naxxramas 10 and 25, although it is not cleared on 25 man on the character I am applying with.
Ulduar 10 is cleared too, with most Hard Modes cleared but the Yogg Saron achievements. I have killed Algalon too for a full clear of that place.
I will admit though that I was taking exams at that point and have never entered Ulduar 25 man.
Trial of the Crusade 10 I have cleared on both Normal and Heroic difficulty, (Heroic including 0 wipes).
Trial of the Crusade 25 is cleared but hasn’t been attempted much on Heroic Difficulty.
Icecrown Citadel progress is also stated above but I’ll recap it here:
12/12 On 10 man Normal difficulty and 7/12 On Heroic Difficulty.
11/12 On 25 man Normal Difficulty and again haven’t attempted any progress on Heroic 25.
Halion 10 is cleared, but no 25 man or heroic mode here is clear.
Sartharion, Malygos and Vault of Archavon are clear on all modes too, on some character or another. Only other thing worth mentioning is that I have conquered the 3 drake achievement on Sartharion.

What kind of PC and connection do you have?

I’m no computer expert, however my fps is a stable 50 +/- 10 in urban and rural areas in wow, but never falls below 50 in raids (Its usually 60 in a closed environment such as raids and dungeons). My ms is most often around 120-170, although in some cases, mainly in Dalaran it gets raised to 250 tops.

We raid 3 times a week; tuesdays, thursdays and sundays and we require people to atleast raid these days. Can you raid these days?:

Those days would be fine, as long as I’m not at work at that point. I’m currently working at a book making factory and working the night shift so the only day I could possibly make would be Sunday when working, depending what hours you raid of course. But i shud be free to raid from late december - early january. Which is when i think the real raiding will start.

Do you speak and understand english since this is the langauge spoken during raid?
English is my first (and only) language so I can understand and speak it clearly and fluently.

Can you handle critisism and do you use this to improve your general performance?
I can handle criticism if I deserve to be criticized. However if I get a beating for something that genuinely isn’t my fault I don’t make a scene, I just calmly explain the full extent of the situation from my point of view and what happened. But any criticism will be noted; after all it can only make me better, Right?

Myself: My name is Joey; most people call me that despite my real name being Daniel. Its just a nickname that stuck I guess ^^
I’m an 18-year-old boy, now working at a bookmakers factory after just finishing school with good results in July 2010. I’m set to go to Bournemouth University in September 2011, where hopefully I can continue with my hobbies which can be summed up as hanging out with my friends and playing wow.

Now onto my personality. I’m a cheerful and bubbly guy with a great sense of humour. I’m always willing to make an effort and be the best at what I’m doing, whether it’s in real life or in an in game situation.

I don’t really have an attitude problem at all, but if people are making silly mistakes I do get ticked off as I have a do have a short temper, which is of course my downfall. Here’s a little anecdote for that: When my officers and class leaders in my former guild saw me getting annoyed they would say my “rage bar” (Even though I am a paladin) is being filled. When I finally snapped and yelled at the people making silly mistakes then a flow of “Rage bar filled” would drown the Officer Chat. But we always looked back on it for a laugh, I’m not a mean guy really =).

Other that that, I’m a pretty chilled and laid back guy, but even though I’m solidly dedicated to whatever I do, I don’t take anything seriously unless its work (irl) or progress (gaming). On that note of progress too I don’t mind wiping on 1 boss all evening and I’m the sort of player who likes to work for their progress kills. Too me 50 deaths to 1 boss is still progress.
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:16 pm

Ok i keep linking the armory link but for some reason it isn't showing up.
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:36 am

The reason for that is that guest accounts cant link, you have to register in order to do that.


Credits to Tazdingu
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:35 pm

Sang wrote:
Ok i keep linking the armory link but for some reason it isn't showing up.

You have failed the first test of getting into Revenant

Application DENIED.

Anyways, I can't vouch for his tanking skill, as I haven't seen it. But all round good player that actually understands fire he learnt in Chemistry with me and our friend Chris. Bunsen burners are bastards ain't they?

Generally nice guy, played with him before on Karazhan, maybe a worth while addition for Cata.

We will get back to you.

P.S. If you do move here, reckon Chris will join us on this realm?
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:07 pm

Heya m8 thanks for the application.
But im afraid we will have to deny this as we have lots of raiders old and new and doubt any spots will be avaliable for raiding.
Best of luck finding a guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.    

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Protection paladin interested for Cataclysm.
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