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 Patch 4.0.1 for Fury

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PostSubject: Patch 4.0.1 for Fury   Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:54 am

Sorry that i posted this so late but i wasnt sure of some things...

Stat Budgets
Hit Rating (to 8% Soft Cap) > Expertise (to 26 Hard Cap) > Strength > Hit Rating (to 27% Hard Cap) > Critical Strike > Haste Rating > Mastery
However... at level 80 it seem that we are doing fine with around 23% hit even less, and at 175 extertise rating=22 expertise we dont get dodges.So if u want to spend each point of ur stats precisely those caps u should go for...

Talents & Glyphs
1) Go to your class trainer and learn Plate Specialisation and Mastery.
2) If you don't have the Glyphs of Bloodthirst, Raging Blow and Slam. Go find/purchase them.
3) Find Dust of Disappearence in case you need to replace glyphs. This Dust is sold at the Inscription Vendor and by Scribes on the Auction House.
4a) Re-spec to a variance of this build:
4b) The points in Blood Craze and Skirmisher are movable to whatever you like and the Major/Minor glyphs are both negotiable to your preference. The Prime glyphs however are compulsory.

1) Regem all of your red sockets to +20str
2) Place +10str +10crit gems into your yellow sockets.
3) Place +10str +10hit gems into your blue sockets. Hit rating is a blue gem now.

1) Go to one of the reforging trainers. They're near the enchanting trainer in every major city.
2a) If your under the expertise cap then reforge your haste rating to expertise until you reach it.
2b) If your over the expertise cap, reforge your expertise to hit rating.
3) Find all the gear your wearing with haste rating on that you didn't reforge already, and then reforge the haste on those pieces into hit rating (this will be most of your gear).
4) If an item already has just critical strike and hit rating on it, then you don't need to reforge it. You can't reforge to stats that are already on your gear and these are your best two stats.

Single target:
(Bloodthirst and Raging Blow may be interchangable on target dummies due to lack of buffs):

Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > BS/CS/Deatwhish/Berserker Rage/Slam
- Heroic Strike over 60 rage.
- Spam Execute when the boss is at 20%. It's your most powerful ability right now by miles and should be used as a #1 priority.

Slam damage is very low at the moment, try not to sacrifice any portion of your primary GCDs for it, if u are on high rage and with other abilities on cd go for it is a damage increase even if its small.


Spam Cleave and Whirlwind. Cleave against at least 2 targets and Whirlwind when approaching 5/6.
- Use Bloodthirst & Raging Blow over 60 rage.

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Patch 4.0.1 for Fury
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