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 LGHC holy palla

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PostSubject: LGHC holy palla   Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:23 am

Name: LGHC

Class: Palla

Spec: Holy / (prot)

Armoury link:

Professions: jc / mining

Why are u applying to Revenant: I've been raiding with rev before and always had alot f fun.

Is there anyone in Revenant who can vouch for you: i think most f u will still remember me but idk who's still in the guild besides samir , buz , xar

Previous guild. Why did u leave/ got kicked: revenant .. i took a wow break for like 5 months, i asked to stay in the guild as social but the officers told me it was better just to aply once i started playing again ^^

What raiding experience you have: Everything up till LK 25 man phase 2

What kind of PC and connection do you have: Just got myself a new laptop with the best connection available atm

We raid 3 times a week; tuesdays, thursdays and sundays and we require people to atleast raid these days. Can you raid these days?: yes

Do you speak and understand english since this is the langauge spoken during raid? yes

Can you handle critisism and do you use this to improve your general performance? i can handle / use it (:

Tell us something about yourself: Hye i'm niels , 20 years old , live in Belgium , ask me if you wanna know anything more Wink
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PostSubject: Re: LGHC holy palla   Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:29 am

This is ur link to armory... well i think we need healers atm badly... we know him he played for us a while with the apply

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PostSubject: Re: LGHC holy palla   Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:07 pm

hello thanks for your application,

I do remember you. You didnt want to play holy paladin anymore and wanted to play rogue and applied to another guild while being in revenant.

ATM we dont need any paladins anymore or any dps class.

Goodluck finding a guild.

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PostSubject: Re: LGHC holy palla   

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LGHC holy palla
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