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 i should apologize Samir and all ppl in Revenant!!!

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PostSubject: i should apologize Samir and all ppl in Revenant!!!   Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:56 pm

Hi everybody
i dont know how should i start and i dont know what i should say exactly...
i really had bad moment and i was under big pressure in my real life Sad
i dont know how many of you remember me but i forced to stop playing wow and stop many things because of too many problems
im Magekingg and i proud of saying i was one of the Revenant member, we had kill Sindragosa in 25man normal 4mounths ago with each other, i was actually on two, three first progress for LK 25man.
i lost many things in real life and i had waiting from 4mounth ago to apologize from samir and other officers and all lovely and good players from Revenant.
i manage to come back to wow 5 days ago
i cant play wow too much but i missed too many ppl from Revenant like : Samir - Myles - Ariana - Buzdugan - Axxe - Realign - Scumbag and ...
i wish you forgive me i hope you understand i cant to tell u i wanna leave because i forced to stop play wow and i didnt want to do it
We have too many Pressure in this Country ( Iran ) , many ppl think persians are terorist but i swear if you think like this you are wrong and u dont know what happening in this country ...!
i wish i could join Revenant again one day at least as Social or be active like old days and be usefull for Revenant because i love ppl there and i find Revenant like my Family in wow
Best wishes for all of you and really good job on your Progress.

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PostSubject: Re: i should apologize Samir and all ppl in Revenant!!!   Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:26 pm

Thats deep mate Shocked ... btw arriana moved to another server long time ago Smile...what can i say tx for ur post we changed a lot of people the last months trying to get the best...maybe we will meet again in the guild; all of the best...

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i should apologize Samir and all ppl in Revenant!!!
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