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 Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]

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PostSubject: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Wed May 26, 2010 10:51 pm


Tell us a little bit about yourself as a person. What do you do for a living, where you are from and how old are you.
Hello, my name is Daniel Wahlund and im from swede/gävle, Gävle is in the (Middle Sweden near the coast) I am 18 years old turning 19 soon. I'm currently unemplyed so i've got a lot of free time, And all that time goes to wow basically.
As far as my hobbies go i've kinda lost the motivation to go skiiing at the winters.. But what i do at the summers is sport fish, I love to go out with a couple of friends and just fish and take a few beers. But otherwise im just spending time with my favourite hobbies, Compter/console's

What are your play times on an average week? What hours and in which days? How much control do you have over that time (Do you have your mother calling you to dinner at 20:00 or do you need to clean your hamster's cage at 21:00 every day)?
I think i might be spending bout 6-10 hours a day to play wow so yes, I've got a lot of freetime and no life!
My family doesn't have a special time for dinner so i might be asked to go eat around 20:00-21:00 but that is not all the time, We usually eat around 17:00-19:00 even earlier

How many days from sun-thu 19:30-23:30 can you raid on a constant basis? I should be able to raid everyday, It depends how i feel or if there are anything going in (IRL)

What is your end game PvE experience on this char or other chars?
Alrite im going to keep it short here, I rather chose to not write a whole book <.<

-Alrite my overall exp is:

Vanilla Experience.

LBRS:full clear
UBRS:full clear
Zul'gurub: 2-4 bosses
Molten Core: 2-3 bosses
Blackwing Lair:1 boss

TBC Experience

-Karazhan: Full Clear
-Gruul's Lair: Full Clear
-Maggy: Full Clear
-SSC: I never got the kill on vashj Sad(( but.. (TAINTED CORE LOLOLOL)
-TK: Never took KT:(((!
-BT: fullclear up to Illidan, (This was with Omega.. Pre-nerf)
-This happend just when the summer started.
Omega took a summer break after the kill on Council, So i joined Last Hope.

-Sunwell: up to Kil'Jaeden, I manage to kill M'uru with Last Hope at that point
I had some serious net issues back in tbc so i had to leave/kicked wat ever..

Wrath Experience

What are your previous guilds and why did you leave?
-I can't really say that i have been in a guild here on darksorrow in a while.. As i transfered my druid here.. but My previous guilds on my old server are, Magna Facta.. 10/12 > Independence 11/12 (This is the guild were i took LK to 10-15%)
I had some problems with a few people in this guild so i decided to aim a little bit higher so i joined a guild called Phoenìx, They have server first ToTGC
They are now secound guild on Executus alliance. As a world 30 guild from Grim'Batol transfered with free migg to executus. But Phoenìx have 11/12 heroic.

-But here on darksorrow i used to be a member of GlamourmodelzINC>Heist>Otherside> My own guild (Chapter Four) It was me and a warrior called Bambí who had the guild, and a few other officer friends.

What would your GM/CL tell are your strong and weak points?

-My strong points is that im always 100% focused either if we whipe or the encounter is to easy.
-My weak points would probably be that im flame people when they are doing the same misstakes over and over again.

What do you think you can improve in order to be a better raider?
-Well there's always room for improvement, better awarness, better dedication but in general i think i fit a raider's description.

What are you looking for in a guild?
-A place where I will feel comfortable a place where i can meet some new friends to just have a great time and also a guild that have got some decent progress just like this one.

What wow sites are you reading frequently in order to improve your raiding knowledge and skill?
-I'm spending moste time looking at Tankspot and MMO-Owned, sometimes Elitist Jerks.

Provide links to two reasonably different and viable talent builds for your class and briefly explain the pros and cons of each.
-This is a nice talent tree, It suits everyone.. It's a nice standard specc for every druid in my opinion. It's nice for the mele and casters cause of (Revetalize)
it's a really nice raidheal specc

-Basicly until you reached 856 haste from gear you specc should look a like this, It's a really good raiding talent Im currently using this one <--

Which 3 major glyphs do you use, and defend using them over the others
I'm using:
Glyph of Nourish, I tend to use this glyph because it's a nice glyph as it heals an additional 6% extra from my hots. If i wouldn't use this glyph i would probably add Rapid Rejuvenation or Innervate.
Glyph of Swiftmend this one is a must.. If your not using this one you are basically fuckd up <.< excuse my behavior! but id say that this glyph is one of the best druids can have atm.
Glyph of Wild Growth Without this glyph Wild Growth only heals 5 targets, And this one is 100% recommanded for raid healing in my opinion. it adds 1 more target to get healed by Wild growth's.

What interface / raiding addons are a must for your class?
- Grid, DBM and recount is wat im using.

What fight was the most challenging encounter for your class that you beat, why was it hard and how did you have to handle it?
-euum this is a hard question.. I really haven't had any challanges on my druid.. but on my paladin i sure have that would be General Vezax. hard to explain how i handl'd it xD

Please provide a link to Armory:

Please post a picture of your raid UI:
I am alliance here, My UI is a little bit diffrant thoo.. i have 40 man Grid raid up there<.<, I raided orgrimmar dat day so.. I keep it simple.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
-I can tell you guys that im a dedicated player and always up for raiding weather it's old stuff or new stuff!

Role specific


What healing assignment does your class excel at?
-My class should always have raid healing, Depends on specc really. I'm always having hots on the tanks.

How do you manage your mana in a fight that is mana intensive? *
-I tend to use Innervate pretty early so ill have it later in the fight, And a pot when it's critical.

What is the perfect healing team in your opinion in WOTLK content. Why?
-in 10 man id say, holy/disc priest, holy paladin and a restodruid/shaman.
25man content i would say 1 druid, 2 holy paladins, 2 shaman and one disc priest, if you go with 6 healers id say pick another priest/druid.

I hope you enjoyed reading my application, feel free to ask anything in-game.

My Characters are: Fadedsoul > Swosh > Anetherion > Undine and Trepadora! What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Thu May 27, 2010 3:59 pm

really nice apply, and another treeeee <3=)
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Thu May 27, 2010 4:50 pm

U were in otherside?Smile i cant remember u mate ...and i am one of the people that formed that guild and was almost till its end in...
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Thu May 27, 2010 4:52 pm

Buzdugan wrote:
U were in otherside?

yea i were in otherside with my paladin (Anetherion / Creater of Chapter Four).. U mite know me now >Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Thu May 27, 2010 5:16 pm

When we have had time to discuss your apply, you will hear from us asap.
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Thu May 27, 2010 10:04 pm

hokai scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Fri May 28, 2010 2:09 pm

Hello Trepadora,

Very nice and detailed application. Seems like you took your time to sell your self the best you could. Well it worked.

Last time i checked your armoury link but you had pvp gear equipped.

Welll it seems you have quite some experience in ICC which is a huge plus.

Well when you are online give me Zarx, Turorockhoof, Yawgmoth or Myles a whisper. I think we are ok in giving you trial.
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   Fri May 28, 2010 3:06 pm

Yeah nice application indeed man cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]   

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Resto Druid Application: Trepadora [TRIAL]
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